16 Blocks


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Bruce Willis as Det. Jack Mosley
Mos Def as Eddie Bunker
David Morse as Det. Frank Nugent
Jenna Stern as Diane Mosley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tankeredbell 10 / 10

I underestimated 16 Blocks

I wasn't entirely sure this movie would stick out from the rest but I chose to go since I had nothing else to do. Hell am I glad I was bored. 16 Blocks is a wonderful thrill ride with lots of action/suspense and mild comedy. Any Bruce Willis fan would love this like they did Hostage. Willis plays Jack Mosley, a drunk/hungover cop that seems to have lost his touch. He gets all the scrap jobs that no one wants and one of these jobs brings him straight to Mos Def who plays Eddie, a very hard to understand, very talkative guy who has apparently witnessed something and is due to testify at 10 sharp. It's about 2 hours until he has to be at the court house which is 16 blocks away and a hell of a lot of cops standing in the middle. Mosley doesn't entirely know what to believe, the kid or his ex partner of 20 years but he puts his faith into the kid and the thrill ride begins. Hands down the best dirty cop film I've seen in a while.

Reviewed by krorie 7 / 10

A few hair-pin turns before the 16 blocks are traversed

This is not a remake of "The Gauntlet," though the theme is a familiar one. There are, in fact, several movies with similar plots; "3:10 to Yuma" and "Narrow Margin" come to mind. A reviewer emailed me that "Midnight Run" not only has a story like "16 Blocks" but Bruce Willis' character Jack Mosley has a name that is a composite of the movie names for two of the leading roles in "Midnight Run": Robert De Niro's Jack Walsh and Yaphet Kotto's FBI Agent Alonzo Mosely. This, of course, may be mere coincidence. Though the story may seem like deja vu, the action is fast paced making this an exciting film to watch.

Anyone who doubts that Bruce Willis can act needs only watch his standout performance in "Pulp Fiction" to see what depth this actor can bring to a demanding role. The role of Jack Mosely may not be challenging to Willis, but he still gives it all he's got which is plenty. Playing the part of an over the hill New York cop with a game leg, nothing to live for, and a drinking problem seems easy for Willis to make it all believable.

The criminal, Eddie Bunker, Jack must deliver to testify within a certain time frame is played with gusto by hip-hop artist Mos Def. Eddie is the most verbose prisoner ever. He rattles on and on about anything that comes to mind, some of it funny, some of it trite. He also has a riddle that is not answered till near the end of the film.

A standout performance is delivered by David Morse as the leader of the dirty cops, Frank Nugent. Morse is in danger of becoming typecast as a dishonest lawman. I'm hopeful he will become more diversified in his roles since he is such a talented actor.

This is another winner from action director Richard Donner. If you like his other successful concoctions such as the "Lethal Weapon" flicks, "Superman," "Conspiracy Theory," and "The Omen," then you will certainly enjoy "16 Blocks."

Reviewed by WillStocker 7 / 10

16 Blocks is intense, suspenseful, and even funny

Bruce Willis is known for being a great action movie star. Richard Donner is known for being a great action director. The combination of these two should create great hype. I saw this the first day it was out and I guess it almost lived up to my expectations. Bruce Willis portrays Jack Mosley, a alcoholic cop who, after a long day of work, has to escort a prisoner to a trial for a testimony. Mos Def plays Eddie Bunker, the prisoner with a dream of becoming a baker. They have to go 16 blocks in a little bit over a hour. They encounter multiple attempts on Eddie's life, and Mosley begins to suspect other cops of this. 16 Blocks is an intense thrill ride with multiple twists. Great camera angles that create more suspense help you really understand what they are going through. David Morse did a great job playing the dirty cop. The only problem is that it has some parts that would make you laugh. This may take away the seriousness of the movie from some viewers. It can be corny and predictable at times, but 16 Blocks is a good flick and you should see it.

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