Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Action / Fantasy

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Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln
Rufus Sewell as Adam
Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturges
Anthony Mackie as Will Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AmicusCurie2000 5 / 10

Definitely worth watching! Lincoln comes alive.

I too was a skeptic of the title. I got to watch the movie and was surprised by how quickly it hooked me. Cast and director make characters believable and story plausible. Benjamin Walker does a superb job of playing Lincoln. He really makes the character come to life. Great mix of fantasy and reality. The story respects Lincoln the man and Lincoln the president. If your a history buff you won't be disappointed. The movie moves along at a good pace. Plenty of action. The director does a fine job of making a believable story of one of the greatest and most beloved presidents in American history. A lot of the scenes and camera shots are unique and really bring you into the story instead of just being a bystander. The group I was with really enjoyed the movie. The time spent suspending belief is well worth it.

Reviewed by Neil Welch 8 / 10

A complete hoot

As a Brit, my knowledge of Abraham Lincoln is limited to stovepipe hat and beard, the Civil War, abolition of slavery, and assassination at the theatre by John Wilkes Booth. I had absolutely no idea that he had enjoyed a career (prior to his entry into politics) as a vampire slayer, nor that there had been a large contingent of vampires within the Confederate army. Thank heavens Lincoln left behind his notebook, or we'd never have known.

Benjamin Walker, an actor I have never heard of, but who looks very much like a young Liam Neeson, plays young Lincoln (and, with old makeup and a sticky-on beard, old Lincoln) in a batch of preposterous nonsense in which our hero become expert at whirling around a silver-bladed axe, surviving horrific physical trauma, decapitating vampires, chatting up Mary Elizabeth Winstead, starting the Civil War, and melting down everyone's silver into musket balls in order to defeat the 1st Confederate Vampire Infantry Regiment. In this he is assisted by a decent roster of support including Dominic Cooper, Rupert Sewell, the afore-mentioned Miss Winstead, Anthony Machie and Jimmi Speed.

All those involved play this nonsense with an absolutely straight face - indeed, it would not work if they played it tongue in cheek - but, notwithstanding the seriousness with which the characters are portrayed, and the slow motion decapitations and vampiric (black) blood sprays, this film is a romp. Like director Timur Bekmambetov's earlier Wanted, it is an unexpected and exuberant batch of utter twaddle, made with an almost palpable glee. And, also like Wanted, it features some beautifully choreographed and eye-boggling action.

This movie is hugely enjoyable and absolutely daft. And the 3D is often very effective.

Reviewed by bd101ttlb 5 / 10

Solid all around flick with fantastic action

Just got back from an advanced screening that was the (according to the director) first screening seen by people outside of the cast/crew of the movie. Overall I was very impressed, having never read the book I did not really know what to expect. Acting was good, nothing Oscar worthy but no poor performances. Everyone did their job well, especially Benjamin Walker and Dominic Cooper. They both excelled in their roles as Lincoln and Henry respectively. Plot flowed well and was easy to follow, and the action was absolutely fantastic. It was over the top, fast paced, bloody, and very well done. If you don't mind seeing vampires getting hacked, slashed, and bashed to death in a wide variety of ways, you'll enjoy this movie.

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