Alan Partridge



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Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge/Jason Statham/Jason Bourne/Jason Argonaut
Colm Meaney as Pat Farrell
Tim Key as Side Kick Simon
Karl Theobald as Greg Frampton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yeltzmanmatt 9 / 10

Very funny. Won't disappoint Partridge fans

As a fan of Alan Partridge I was looking forward to seeing this and I wasn't let down. I'm not sure what people who haven't seen the TV shows will make of it but for fans this is a big treat.

The plot is pretty flimsy but when you have a character like Alan Partridge you really don't need much of one. The jokes and laughs keep flowing and whilst some miss the mark there are plenty of scenes that will have tears running down your face. Some of the old favourites like Lynn and Michael (slightly superfluous in this) are here but this is all about Alan.

It plays like a very long version of an episode but it's face paced enough to never get tedious and the film just flies by. This is a film that can be enjoyed by anyone and may even garner a new generation of Partridge fans.

Alpha Papa is a comedy that actually makes you laugh and is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Alec Partridge 10 / 10

The Best Film Ever Made Ever

Now let me get this straight. I'm not Alan Partridge. I didn't decide one Monday afternoon, while eating a double decker, to come on to IMDb and give a review. That would be illegal. Neither am I plugging double deckers. They're really nice though, and I reckon Jesus would probably eat them. I digress. Alpha Papa is amazing. Alan Partridge will surely get the Oscar nod for best actor. If you thought Brokeback Mountain was stunning (I didn't) then you'll bend over backwards to watch this. Alan doesn't play a gay cowboy, but rather a non-gay radio show presenter who ends up in a siege (sorry about the spoiler). And he doesn't die at the end either like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense, or the dog in Bob Marley and Me. No, he lives after enduring what can only be described as an epic battle of man versus another slightly crazy man, who looks a bit like that bloke off Star Trek with the fake Irish accent. Anyway...don't waste your time watching Monsters University or the slightly camp Wolverine who has knives and forks for hands. Watch a real man in action giving the performance of his life.

Reviewed by plummerrobin 5 / 10

Laugh a Minute

I went to see this with some friends on the day it came out. As a Partridge fan you will not be disappointed. The film contains all the best characters from the TV Series and Steve Coogan's brilliance as Alan just made the film so funny. There are constant one liners, looks, expressions, silly voices almost every minute. Everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud throughout the full 90 minutes.

There is also a great sound track and lots of familiar tunes and the scene during the credits will have you laughing throughout.

Excellent film go and see it even if you are not a Alan Partridge/Steve Coogan fan because it is a generally funny film.

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