Assassin's Bullet


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Donald Sutherland as Ambassador Ashdown
Elika Portnoy as Vicky
Timothy Spall as Dr. Kahn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adyankov 6 / 10

Sorry, this movie is not for you

As a Bulgarian I sometimes watch the horrible Stallone/Lundgren action flicks that get filmed in my country. I first saw the rock-bottom IMDb rating and reviews for this one, and prepared for one more night of cringing self-embarrassment. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

Sorry, guys, but no way you will ever get this movie. Hint: check the credits - it was primarily created by Bulgarians and half the time people in it speak in Bulgarian. This movie really was made for a Bulgarian audience and features all sorts of coy little inside jokes in the plot, poking with self-irony at bad American action films and cultural misunderstandings between our two nations. And, it actually paints a decent picture of Bulgaria and Sofia, our refined Oriental folk establishments and fine police force - sadly now we even have terrorists.

I am not saying it is a great film at all. It is at the level of good TV productions in Bulgaria and is actually very enjoyable to a Bulgarian who watches it as precisely that. How and why this was ever marketed to bloodthirsty action flick fans and sold overseas I can't say, but I kind of hope it diverted some cash from the awful Stallone stuff. Yet, you got your fair warning - just don't watch it.

Reviewed by TheRapDude 1 / 10

Worst movie of the decade

This was pure crap. Only reason I watched it was because I am a action movie fan, and because it has famous actors (who usually act very well.) The camera quality was horrible, the CGI was horrible, acting was horrible, and worst of all, I didn't even understand what the film was even about. I can't believe I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes to watch this, just to find out that the movie had no meaning at all. Only reason I even got on here, was to warn you not to use money on this bullshit. I didn't even want to give this a 1, if a -10 rating had existed on IMDb, I would be happy to rate it that. This is a lousy wannabe action flick which is not even worth taking a look at. I would only watch this again if someone paid me for it. If you ever should come across this film anywhere, just remember that I warned you.

Overall rating: 1/10

Reviewed by woodytractor 1 / 10

Just Pass

This movie is so awful I can barely put words together. Reviews here require 10 lines of text, and I'd like to prevent others from wasting time and money on it, so here goes... I love action flicks and typically ignore critical reviews, but this is a truly pathetic film. It is incoherent and not interesting or exciting at any point. The fact it got 6 out of 10 (usually a "go" signal for me on action movies) tells me how easy it is for studios to game this site. They must have spent a lot of money on the actors and had to recoup it somehow, otherwise this would never have made it to distribution. If there is an Oscar for worst movie, nothing can compete with this.

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