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Danny Trejo as Frank Vega
Charles S. Dutton as Panther
Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams
Patrick Fabian as Officer Malark
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Reviewed by J. Davis ( 5 / 10

Time for a real honest review for Bad Ass!

Alright I think all of us know that this for Danny Trejo's sake was not going to be anywhere near the caliber of Machete, that was funded in the millions & written very well. What we have here is a decent low budget VOD or netflix watch. The story is very simple, Trejo a man who served 7 years in the Vietnam war & upon arriving back to society he faced what every soldier faced upon returning home, a place to fit in. He struggled through the next 40 years running his hot dog stand & minding his own business. Then one day on a public bus he kicked the crap out of two punks harassing an old man & it was filmed by another bus rider & leaked onto the internet. It goes viral & he is proclaimed by the public as "Bad Ass". A title he wasn't looking for but he was happy to finally be fitting in with society.

After his one & only friend was murdered senselessly he became the man the public wanted him to be & started on journey of ass kicking his way to find answers. This film won't win any awards but it was certainly entertaining for 90 minutes, and all you punks giving it a 1 rating should go sky diving without a parachute because obviously your brainless body is just in the way. It's 5/10 solidly, actually it's worth more than that for the great message it leaves the viewer. So to belittle this fine piece of film is in itself a crime!

I couldn't help thinking of Gran Torino & Harry Brown a bit at times due to the fact of all three characters being in a war, all being senior citizens & all they wanted was a little peace & a bit of happiness and they were "called" back into duty for something they truly believed in.

Reviewed by rustler-343-347108 1 / 10


For a film that was "based off true events" Hollywood couldn't do more to demonize the actual participants.

"Bad Ass" is based off of an altercation on a bus where Thomas Bruso, a European American, was attacked by an African American. You can watch the video at Once Hollywood got a hold of this, the good guy became Hispanic, and the bad guy became a duo of neo-Nazis, because it would be too politically incorrect to have otherwise.

Bad Ass serves as your standard "good guy down on his luck" feel good film. Good guy sees bad guy, good guy punches bad guy, good guy wins.

Oh, and another thing, the first reviewer who gave the film 10 stars wrote the review a month before the movie came out.

Reviewed by diggus doggus 7 / 10

Seven out of ten, probably deserves more.

First off, the trailers for this film are *extremely* misleading - BadAss is way more serious of a film then you're led to believe; this is not a Tarantino-inspired slaughterfest in the spirit of Hobo With Shotgun or Sucker Punch, and although it revolves on Danny Treyo's "BadAss-ness", there is a lot of content beyond fistfights and generic violence.

Danny Treyo(Frank Vega, "Bad Ass")is a ex-Vietnam vet living a quiet and slightly unhappy life in the suburbs; there is an incident of him beating up some skinheads and becoming a YouTube sensation(thereby acquiring the BadAss moniker), but it's a minor plot device and not as central as they make it out to be.

The main plot revolves around the murder of one of BadAss's friends, the police's incompetence, a corrupt major, and BadAss's stone-fisted investigation; if anything, this film has more in common with Marlowe's film noire dramas than with Death Wish - you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of content this film has.

Now, let's run through the good and bad.

Good everything. Direction, acting, great supporting characters, many, many scenes that are so real you can smell the sweat. Real writing, great pace, and zero unrealistic plot twists.

Bad: almost nothing. BadAss is a low-flying film, it's not trying too hard and sticks to a well-rehearsed script, but does everything properly. Production isn't up there with the best, but i guess when you wish for Hollywood polish, you also get a lot of Hollywood crap along with it. So all good here.

Now, it's hard to vote this film properly. For some, it will be a nine. For some others a five. What i see in it is a lesson on how to write a film without falling into the commercial pits of easy amusement. This film has a lot going for it; if you can handle it, if you don't have prejudices against this kind of film you should see it because it's great. If you are into more sensational films, like MI3, then give it a miss because you wouldn't understand a minute of it.

A great little film that has many lessons to teach.

My final vote - a politically correct 7/10

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