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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by epibee 10 / 10

Its a classic, if you do not expect a funny movie

This movie is more deep than it appears to the general crowd expecting a laugh on a Sunday. Most people will go to watch it as a funny movie, but it is not a funny movie in that sense. It is a Satire about how people in many parts of the world still feel about homosexuality, equality of women, need for a woman's consent to a marriage, prostitution as a profession, racism, and so on. It also portrays how even some westerners feel about religion and Jesus. The scene may seriously bother you if you are too much into Jesus (It is supposed to bother you, if you really get it).

People who say this movie is disgusting, just do not get it at all! If this is disgusting, then Charles Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" was disgusting, "because it glorified Adolf Hitler, and expressed hatred against the Jews".

If you want to feel sad about how stupid, clumsy and ignorant still many people are in the corners of the world, you should watch this movie to open your eyes. But if you are too classy to understand how people live, think and get used to sufferings in backward countries, you may call it "disgusting".

Watch it with a true open mind.

Reviewed by ( 5 / 10

Pass on By..

From all the hype I was expecting an hilarious comedic masterpiece. Turned out to be Latka from Taxi does Jackass. Like all bad "comedy" or satire it drops to the lowest level, i.e crude sexual innuendo, bathroom humor, foul language, cheap laughs at the expense of others. There's some laughs in this, but they are strained and infrequent.This could have been a much better movie, but save for the few humorous moments, it relies on making fools of unsuspecting people for most of its laughs. This is its main flaw, and I found it uncomfortable to watch.Save your money. There's also nothing really original here. This is a DVD movie, and only when there's nothing else to rent....

Reviewed by xpanasonicyouthx 10 / 10

I literally could not stop laughing.

And I mean the actual definition of "literally." I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening and I wish I could see it 100 more times.

It's hilarious. It's offensive. It's actually pretty smart as well. Sacha Cohen is so ridiculously consistent and never seems to break character, even when he turns an entire rodeo against him in less than 5 minutes.

I really don't want to speak anymore of the film, because part of the beauty of it is being surprised by what you see on the screen. I only hope they don't edit the hell out of it, because it really was a joy to see as it was.

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