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Rusty Joiner as John Norton
Masiela Lusha as Princess Aleya
Wesley John as Whitefeather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sven-49-694776 4 / 10

Dumb Orcs with swords and shields versus guns don't work.

After watching a great SAGA I had to see this one! But unfortunately it just doesn't work for me. Dumb Orcs with swords and shields, who are shot down and slayed in dozens by people with guns, who are more or less never missing their target, is not cool. Even the dead orc bodies are vanishing magically. Don't get me wrong, I want Arrowstorm Entertainment to go on, and I am looking forward for their new Mythica, but Orc Wars as a crossover Fantasy <=> our world just failed. For a low budget movie the costumes and effects are in general OK, the dragon is great, and the princess is very sweet (although Danielle Chuchran in SAGA is much cooler), but all the action with the shooting is just not my thing: The effects, when the Orcs are hit, are often quite bad and also the fighting scenes are not nice. And there is only a poor story. With a big bonus for Indie-movies it is just a 4/10.

Reviewed by Edward Bulfin 4 / 10

Awful but still entertaining

I agree with the other comment on the stupidity of the Orcs and that the heroes of the film never missing a shot and about the dead disappearing. However I was still entertained by the movie up until I watched a dead Orc being rolled off the front porch. The Orcs were said to be from a dimension that did not have or understand technology or modern weapons and yet the one rolled off the porch had on a pair of modern boots with dimpled molded soles. You would expect anyone going over the film for continuity or accuracy would have noticed that small point.

I was entertained, there was nothing on the TV and I was bored, so it served it's purpose, but it is never going to win them any awards, nor make them their fortunes.

I see I had to remove the u from between the o and l in the word molded as I could not post unless I corrected it to a US dictionary spelling. Never mind the fact that the soles of the boots were made in a M O U L D.

Reviewed by Revue Ucantrust 2 / 10


I created an account just for this movie. I had very low expectations as with most lesser known movies these days and this one slid under the bar (world record in the limbo dancing world)! Story bad, acting okay, costumes well done, directing sufficient, wardrobe good, filming not bad......and you'd think okay - we're onto something.....WRONG! I love low budget movies, but this one left me asking why I attempted to make it through the whole movie (and I did, as punishment for even trying)....save your precious time on the planet people and watch something like paint drying. (or an idiom pondering?) All in all - entertaining for some, disturbing for most and laughable to the masses!

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