From Dusk Till Dawn


Action / Crime


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Harvey Keitel as Jacob Fuller
George Clooney as Seth Gecko
Juliette Lewis as Kate Fuller
Quentin Tarantino as Richard Gecko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShadowKnuxx 8 / 10

Enjoyable, but leaves you puzzled.

I enjoyed this film, but I was left a little puzzled at the end by what I'd just watched in terms of what type of movie this is.

It starts off as a very Tarantino-esquire film, it's clear that he wrote it as his famous dialogue is present. It's an enjoyable crime thriller much along the lines of Tarantino's other works (such as Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs) but with a bit of Robert Rodriguez flare shown during the action sequences.

Then with about 50-ish minutes left, the style film changes entirely. It becomes another film, it goes from stylish crime thriller to random vampire action movie. It's almost as if Tarantino left the room while writing the script and somebody wrote the rest of the film for him, it loses it's Tarantino charm and becomes a predictable, gore fest, vampire flick.

I'm a fan of Vampire films, so I still enjoyed the movie, but I can see why others don't like it. The acting is of high quality, especially from Geroge Clooney who outdoes himself, and in parts saves the film.

8/10 - Watch with an open mind.

Reviewed by stevevil 10 / 10

This film defies classification...

Critics of "From Dusk 'Till Dawn" often dismiss it as grade Z-slasher tripe, however the film is really two separate but equal genres (hard boiled crime drama and B-horror comedy) scotch taped together. Definitely not everyone's cup o' cinematic joe, this movie has more energy, wit and style than most high-budget Hollywood actioners. Clooney and Tarantino make a classic duo in two powerhouse and differing performances. T-man's script is crammed full of his usual over-the-top dialogue (if only criminals were really this interesting) and a lot of love for the conventions of B flicks from his youth. I give it a 10.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 5 / 10

Gore + vampires + Tarantino & Rodriquez= great entertainment

Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk till Dawn combines vicious violence, Cheech Marin vampires, and some funny humor from the cast into one big collective film. More than a basic horror movie, it has Rodriquez as a fine director and Quentin Tarantino as a good screenwriter who bring to the screen basic shoot em up fun. Not all of it is for the people out there, but for thrill seeking teens, it's worth a glance.

The story involves 2 criminal brothers (George Clooney and Tarantino) who are part focused and part insane. They kidnap a family (Harvey Keitel, Ernest Liu and Juliette Lewis) and bring them to a bar called the T**y twister while waiting for morning and their money prize. But what ensues in that bar is terrific fun in which all the members are vampires and are relentless "from dusk till dawn". Great fun, terrific violence (if not disgusting) and cool quotes bring this film to a fine T. Look for Tom Savini as Sex Machine, Salma Hayek as a stripper and Cheech Marin who plays 3 characters. A+

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