From Dusk Till Dawn


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Harvey Keitel as Jacob Fuller
George Clooney as Seth Gecko
Juliette Lewis as Kate Fuller
Quentin Tarantino as Richard Gecko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesuit25 8 / 10


I loved this film for many reasons. For one, the switch from a crime thriller to a horror thriller was seamless. I for one had not heard much about this film before I watched it, and I assumed the TV Times were mistaken in called this a gory horror thriller. To me, it was a simple crime thriller, the norm which is expected from Tarantino's pen. However, the switch was such a shock and so fast, that I didn't now what happened I was amazed at this revelation, since there was no word of any horror topics beforehand in the script. It was completely out of the blue, and resulted in a pleasant surprise.

And the thing that's interesting is that BOTH halves to this film, both the crime section and horror section are enjoyable. The first half has less action, but tension does mount between Keitel and Clooney, while Tarantino is in the back, paying special attention to Keitel's daughter. A great premise with an equally great script in the first half. The second section is also great because of the horrific violence and as I heard mentioned before, the unique ways on how to kill vampires.

The script is witty and full of dark humour, "I have 6 little friends and they all run faster than you.", and the intro is certainly one of the best I have seen in months. The characters are well established, with Clooney as the 'gentleman' (well, not really) crook, Tarantino as his psychotic brother (who, strangely, I found difficult not to warm to) and Keitel is the preacher who has lost his faith, the hostage who will help out later when the satanic hordes unleash themselves.

A special mention must go to Salma Hayek for that special dance. ;) While this film was never made out of blockbuster material, it is still very understated, taking a unique and perhaps surreal viewing on the horror genre, all the while using horror stereotypes. As far as graphic violence is concerned, it is on par with the likes of Evil Dead (well, perhaps not THAT bad).

For once, this is a film which doesn't give the viewer all the answers beforehand. You are in the same boat as the characters and you don't know what's in store for them. If you hadn't seen this before, without any knowledge of the movie, you'd be in for a huge surprise as I was.

An 8/10 for it's script (thanks to Tarantino) and the actors who, while not trying too hard, make this an enjoyable horror flick with a difference.

Reviewed by rbverhoef ( 8 / 10

Silly fun

'From Dusk Till Dawn' is kind of brilliant, brutal, bloody, Tarantino, horror, silly and funny. It is brilliant, brutal, bloody, horror, silly and funny the way Sam Raimi's 'The Evil Dead'-series is all those things, the twist here is a screenplay written by Quentin Tarantino. This means the first hour is just brutal and bloody, sometimes a little funny, in the 'Pulp Fiction' kind of way.

We see two brothers named Seth (George Clooney) and Richie Gecko (Quentin Tarantino). They are bank robbers, although they do the occasional killing as well. We learn they want to reach the Mexican border. That the entire state of Texas and the FBI are looking for them is a problem so they force the Fuller family to bring them across the border with their motor home. Father Jacob (Harvey Keitel) used to be a minister but gave up faith after his wife died in a car crash. He travels with his adopted son Scott (Ernest Liu) and his daughter Kate (Juliette Lewis).

So we have the first hour, filled with Tarantino-stuff in its dialogue and references, and then the party arrives at a bar called the Titty Twister. Not long after they are inside it is revealed that every crew member from the bar is actually a vampire, feeding themselves on bikers and truckers that visit the place. The Fullers and Geckos survive together with a guy who calls himself Sex Machine (Tom Savini) and a guy named Frost (Fred Williamson). Now they are a team and face vampires as their opponents.

You see how this movie is actually two movies. Especially the second part will find a smaller audience and in a way I was a little curious how the first part would have ended if they kept it as serious as it was. Still, because the movie shifts the way it does it becomes quite original. We have a crime movie to start and a horror comedy, really in the Sam Raimi way, to end. If you are able to take it the way it comes, not too serious, there is a good chance you might like it. Even the gore is presented in a silly way, making it less gory.

Clooney's cool performance, the fitting soundtrack, some hilarious moments, Tarantino's fine touches all make this a highly original, quite bloody, vampire adventure. If you are a genre fan don't miss it, if you are not you might give it a try and be pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by stevevil 10 / 10

This film defies classification...

Critics of "From Dusk 'Till Dawn" often dismiss it as grade Z-slasher tripe, however the film is really two separate but equal genres (hard boiled crime drama and B-horror comedy) scotch taped together. Definitely not everyone's cup o' cinematic joe, this movie has more energy, wit and style than most high-budget Hollywood actioners. Clooney and Tarantino make a classic duo in two powerhouse and differing performances. T-man's script is crammed full of his usual over-the-top dialogue (if only criminals were really this interesting) and a lot of love for the conventions of B flicks from his youth. I give it a 10.

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