Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
Eric Sykes as Frank Bryce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by em_1986 7 / 10

what the hell?!

As a fan of the potter book series, I'm going to start with my opinion of the movie,and then I'm going to slaughter the adaption.

as a movie this was ALMOST amazing. the special effects (other than the captives under the water) were generally of an excellent standard. The acting of the trio was well above what it has been previously. Especially in the case of Emma Watson, who was initially terrible but has improved with each movie. Bravo i say! Rupert Grint is always a joy to watch. he really is Ron Wealsey for me, despite that fact that hes the same height as Radcliffe. speaking of Radcliffe, i was exceptionally impressed! he was brilliant for the most part, but especially during the scenes with Voldemort in the grave yard and when he returned to Hogwarts. However, credit given to those, i have to say that Alan Rickman as Snape is the best! This isn't just because he is my favourite character but i genuinely thought that he was brilliant, particularly during the scene when Harry and Ron keep talking. dumbledore on the other hand was atrocious. I'm afraid this is where my commentary moves onto slaughtering the adaption.

Since when exactly, has Dumbledore ever lost control and shaken Harry. If this is how he reacts to harry's name being entered, what the hell is he going to do when Harry destroys his office in The Order of the Pheonix. Michael Gambon may be a fine actor but he just isn't Dumbledore.and is it me or did the film lack certain key elements that made the book? such as the fact that Harry has a parent figure now? when the Thing with Sirius happens in OOTP, the audience wont know anything about him. And the scene with the Dursleys at the beginning was one of the best in the book! I understand that for the obvious reasons such as time management, certain elements have to be omitted, but this really did take the biscuit. Why alter scenes which arnt vital to the book, such as the way that the first task played out, and then cut what makes the books great. The two things that really wound me up were the way that Sirius appeared in the fire (why the hell they did it like that ill never understand) and the change in who gave Harry the Gillyweed. Those changed really were pointless.

When viewed as a movie in its own right the Goblet of Fire is as enjoyable, thrilling and down right scary as the book is, but as an adaption, to be quite honest, it was a let down.

Reviewed by Lucifer800 1 / 10

horrible idea to make it one movie and not two

The movie ran as if it were a series of highlight clips from an actual film representation of the fourth harry potter novel. Details were thrown in haphazardly, if for no other reason than to bring a feeling of recognition from readers. If the viewer had not read the book, but only seen the previous two movies, s/he would not have understood the movie. The screenwriters created no semblance complicated plot, but rather the rather single-minded story of the three tasks in the tri-wizard tournament. All new characters were hardly introduced and remained quite one-dimensional, which is unfortunate; even old favorites got the shaft in this one. There was no time for more than two short scenes with either Malfoy, no magical lessons, and Dobby the house elf was completely absent. Crouch never disappeared, but his body was found dead. The cinematics in this case were atrocious: Harry appears in Dumbledore's chambers in the scene immediately after discovering Crouch's body, but then proceeds to tell him about his scar hurting and dreams rather than Crouch's discovery. There was no magical map, no late-night encounters with Moody, no discussion of Snape and Karkaroff's relationship, nor of Dumbledore trusting Snape. Seeing as this relationship will rise to be the single most prominent issue in the entire series, I was very disappointed to find it was ignored in favor of large and ineffective theatrics, such as a hedge maze without any traps, only shifting walls and evil roots, an extremely obnoxious modernized yule ball, and a pointlessly drawn out dragon chase scene. Dumbledore's lines and the directing of his acting made him look like an old, bumbling fool, rather than the clever, most-powerful-wizard on the planet, the only person of whom Voldemort is afraid. The writers decided to add Crouch Jr. into Harry's dreams, completely removed the second house-elf and the invisibility cloak from the quidditch world cup, and had the audacity to explain that Crouch Jr. had been sent to Azkaban, but never explained his escape. Finally, the movie ended with Crouch Jr. being sent back to Azkaban. The Minister of Magic never showed up with dementors to kill Crouch, Dumbledore never argued with him about the verity of Harry's claims, and the potential for an amazing cliff-hanger conclusion with Dumbledore in all his might giving orders to Hagrid and others as a general before the final battle, was instead replaced by a horrible attempt at a eulogy combining direct quotations from the novel with poor scriptwriting to make Dumbledore out to be a poor speaker as well as incompetent wizard. I shudder to think how the next movie will have to deal with all of these plot gaps, and how Dumbledore can hope to maintain any semblance of respectability when he trusts Snape and continues to avoid Harry in the fifth movie. Much better would have been to stick with the original idea and make two movies. This movie didn't feel like it had any plot, one did not become attached to the characters, and spent the movie groaning or laughing at the contrived immaturity of it all. Some acting by Harry and friends was good, but it was overshadowed by a terrible attempt to fit everything and nothing into the movie.

Reviewed by Reed Armstrong 6 / 10

They got Dumbledore all WRONG!! and lots of other stuff too

First, the good news -- The special effects and the music in the this movie were the best yet! The underwater scenes especially were very well done.

The thing I disliked most about the movie is that Albus Dumbledore is not portrayed as the calm, wise old wizard he is in the books. Instead he is portrayed as a stormy, confused old man that doesn't have much of a clue what's going on. The character of Dumbledore is just WAY off. In one scene Dumbledore grabs Harry around the neck and shakes him, what's THAT about? The very thought of Albus Dumbledore being physically violent with a student is Absolutely ABSURD!! THATS NOT IN DUMBLEDORE'S CHARACTER!! Real Harry Potter fans all over are going to be outraged by this portrayal of Dumbledore. That pretty much ruined the movie for me. Another thing I didn't like about this movie was that so much of the real story was left out and/or changed. I guess i'm just spoiled because I'm so attached to the books... I know it's impossible to fit that whole story in a 2 1/2 hour movie, but there was some pretty good stuff that was left out.

If you're interested, Some of the things that weren't included in the movie that stuck out in my mind are:

- The scene where Dudley eats the ton-tongue coffee and has an enlarged tongue. The Dursley's aren't included in this one at all.

- Weasley's Wizard Weezes are not mentioned

- The character Ludo Bagman is left out altogether

- Winky isn't in the movie

- S.P.E.W (Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare), the Elf-rights activist group formed by Hermione, is left out altogether. And i thought this added a lot to the story throughout the book

- Hagrid's humiliation at being exposed as a Half-giant is left out, and so of course is Harry, Ron, and Hermione coming to comfort him

- no Blast-Ended Screwts

- Hermione never catches Rita Skeeter in her animagus form (a beetle) as she does in the book

- The scene in which Draco Malfoy is attacked on the train near the end isn't in the movie

- The money Harry wins from the tournament and gives to Fred and George to go toward starting their joke shop is left out

- The discussion with Fudge about Voldemort's return and his refusal to accept it is left out. I don't know how they're going to reconcile this one because Fudge's refusal to accept Voldemort is crucial in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

- Sirius coming to Hogwarts to see Harry after the Third Task is left out

I'm still ticked off about Dumbledore... I'm starting to think that the people who make the movies just don't even read the books, because Dumbledore was SO out of character it made me angry. That bothers me more than anything else. I wouldn't rush to see this movie, wait until it comes out on DVD. Besides the good special effects and music, the movie was really bad. I Hope this review has been helpful.

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