Hellraiser: Revelations




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Nick Eversman as Steven Craven
Fred Tatasciore as Faceless Steven
Tracey Fairaway as Emma Craven
Steven Brand as Dr. Ross Craven
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Reviewed by black_sun001 2 / 10


This had so much potential. A decent plot, great make up and special effects, and a solid twist ending were all tossed aside with how terrible the acting was.

It was very reminiscent of the first Hellraiser, even going as far as quoting it several times and reenacting several scenes. My biggest concern was Doug Bradley not playing Pinhead; however, Stephan Smith Collins was overall bearable even if he was just mimicking Doug Bradley's performance.

Despite all the potential, not a single actor/actress from the main cast gave a solid, consistent performance.

Reviewed by Lamented_Sorrow_1313 5 / 10

Why not?

Every review of this movie has ripped it to shreds. Some reviews were fair, however. I'm one of these people who looks deeper into what he sees before him rather than the surface. While it is true that this film is by no means a masterpiece, it certainly isn't the biggest cinematic monstrosity of all time ("Children of the Living Dead" owns that title).

First off: Doug Bradley's absence. I'm a huge Doug Bradley/Pinhead fan, and there will never be anyone to play Pinhead better, but you have to look at what the new guy was up against. Very short shooting schedule and immediate fan ridicule pretty much doomed this poor guy. Overall, I felt he did a decent job with what he was given.

Second: special effects. Come on people, it's a direct-to-DVD movie. Are we looking for 'Star Wars' visuals here? Honestly, I felt the effects here were a bit better than they should have been.

Seriously, if you're a fan of this series, leave high expectations at the door and just give it an honest chance. You never know, you might end up liking it.

Reviewed by moustasch1 2 / 10

Out of many bad sequels...the worst.

None of the films have been as good as the first three in this series. This one is no different.

Most of the acting, especially by the lead antagonist, Nick Eversman, is terrible. The effects and gore are nothing more than copies of scenes from the other movies with nothing new added to make it any more interesting.

I love the original Pinhead character, played by Doug Bradley in all of the other films. Stephan Smith Collins who portrays Pinhead in this sequel tries to recreate him but manages doing a poor man's imitation, instead of bringing anything new to the screen.

To future writers of any more sequels: STOP! Either come up with a new lead so we don't miss Bradley's performance so much or reboot the series from the start and try to come up with something new. Maybe consult with Clive Barker to see where he would go with it. Or better yet, put together some real money and have him write it instead.

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