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Vinnie Jones as Joe Ballard
Rob Steinberg as Mike Meltzer
Craig Fairbrass as Bruce Leib
Gina Philips as Michelle Leib
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Reviewed by J. Davis (horrorsession@gmail.com) 3 / 10

Predictable & not very entertaining

I thought it could be interesting when I saw Vinnie Jones, whom I'm a big fan of & Dominic Purcell(Prison Break)listed as the lead cast but Vinnie Jones doesn't even make it past the first five minutes & Purcell couldn't have said more than twenty words in the entire film. It's just another straight to video release with little action, no suspense and characters I could care less for. The acting was mediocre & the script was bad. No thrilling action sequences, it's obvious to the viewer that this was just another low-budget cookie cutter type action flick with a plot so thin I had to fight the urge to turn it off . If there is anything to be said, it is don't get suckered into paying to see this. It didn't seem like anyone really tried to make an effort, especially the writer/director Brandon Nutt whose last picture sits at a 2.7 rating. I think that says it all. For this a 3/10

Reviewed by Eric Tyler 2 / 10

Awful 2/10 is being nice!!

A hour and and 30mins I will never get back. I was planning on giving it 1/10 but the little twist at the end notched it up to 2/10. The movie lacked suspense, thrill or action. It was pretty clear from the onset who the bad guys were and the good guys were. The acting was forgettable. The Aussie with the mustache was comical (hey mate! Howz it going mate? Everything OK mate?) Lol him and agent Ballard both got their butt kicked a couple times in the movie. Any CIA agent who accidentally watches this movie would be disgraced the were they were hilariously portrayed. There was a couple times Vinnie Jones AKA agent Ballard was caught napping, not knowing which wire to cut on the bomb or letting one of the suspects get out of sight to have his Ex fiance conveniently placed to shoot the suspect. A true CIA agent would immediately disarm a suspect and at least shoot him in the kneecap so he/she doesn't attack them again, not agent Ballard though.

There was more action and suspense in the movie Devil Wears Prada compared to this flick. I yawned my way to the end of the movie with 13 yawns.

PS The director Brandon Nutt is truly nuts and Vinnie Jones' head should audition for the next planet of the apes movie.

Reviewed by tavsaito-425-337074 5 / 10


I wasn't expecting much but this was okay. its a straight to DVD action movie so don't go looking for Oscar winning acting or million dollar sets. but the action is good the story is pretty much expected but there are a few twists that keep it interesting. Vinnie is good, randy kicks some ass and i liked this movie. hope you do too. but just keep in mind its a straight to DVD movie featuring a retired UFC fighter :o) if your looking for an amazing action packed block buster involving the hijacking of a plane watch die hard 2 or con air. but if you've seen those and feel like throwing something on and eating some popcorn give this one a try.

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