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Scott Elrod as Cory Brand
Dorian Brown as Emma
James Devoti as Clay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sianggany_grenn 10 / 10

wonderfully done

Sorry but I am an Addictions Counselor that attends Celebrate Recovery and yes it was worth watching and yes I intend to show my group at work. I know the Christian theme but it was a warm and encouraging movie and it does follow the 12 step spirituality of needing to admit being powerless over my addiction and need a power greater than myself that can restore me to sanity. I absolutely loved it. Addiction many times is passed down from the parents to the children. Addiction destroys self and when we are powerless over our addiction we cannot stop it is only when we give that control to a power greater than ourselves can we stop

Reviewed by Sam_Owens 8 / 10

A really fine production

What people don't like is the use of God and Faith as something that provides strength. Why anyone would find this objectionable mystifies me. If you have a serious problem that affects your life and the life of your family and friends and you can stop your bad behavior by taking strength from the Lord why is that bad? It isn't. What it is is the free thinkers thinking for you. See the movie unless God makes you barf.

The movie was well acted with good production. The kids are cute, the girls are cute and even the old jalopy cars have nice wheels. What I found objectionable was using the police as the bad guy. Why not use another alcoholic dad. The show was a little long and the star was just to handsome but the girls like that.

Reviewed by astravitz 8 / 10

Scott Elrod Makes the Movie

The performance by the lead actor "Scott Elrod" makes this movie worth watching. I'm in a mixed marriage, and my wife the Christian, lost interest in the movie despite to the strong religious overtones. As a Jew, I was fascinated by the use of religious values to help cure addictions; it's a strong and powerful message.

Vivica Fox also puts in a very strong performance as the lead character's agent (spokes person), so was believable in her role. As a public relations spokesperson, she plays her character exceptionally well, being able to profit from those she represents, yet knowing if they don't get help they will be worthless to herself & others.

I'm looking forward to seeing Scott Elrod in future leading roles, Hollywood can use another strong lead actor who's message isn't hypocritical.

I'm not sure why people didn't believe this was a baseball movie, with the constant flashbacks to the daemons of his fathers voice "haunting" him throughout the movie. The baseball cards in a closed box, representative of his inner child and letting them go at the end of the movie. Almost every scene was filmed at a baseball field or with a ball / ball; so how exactly is this not a baseball movie on the surface. It might have not been all filmed at the major leagues, but all players have to get their start somewhere. Whether at home growing up or in a little league type program.

This is overall a good movie which kept my interest throughout (yes, it slightly dragged at the 3/4 mark), with a positive message and some great lead acting.

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