Interview with a Hitman


Action / Thriller


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Luke Goss as Viktor
Caroline Tillette as Bethesda
Stephen Marcus as Traffikant
Danny Midwinter as Sergei
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Clarke 8 / 10

Good solid thriller, makes you think

Gotta say anyone that rates this movie less than 6 needs their head testing. It's low budget but it's the best low budget flick I've seen in a long time. Luke Goss is awesome. The kid that plays him as a boy is really good. the rest of the cast are pretty good too.

The story really makes you think. If you can't do that you're not going to like it. and I never saw the ending coming and i can normally guess. clever the way it all came together.

It's a gritty and believable story

Agree with moby1974 on what the director has achieved with the budget. Like to see what he could do with more money. one to watch definitely.

Reviewed by microslob 9 / 10

For a low budget flick this was quite good

I don't agree with the complainers about this film. Luke Goss is a stone cold killer from early age to adulthood. He played his part really well. I didn't pay all that much attention to the other characters enough to critique them much. The music tracks were quite good and someone already mentioned almost haunting. Sure there are some plot holes and some bad acting from some lesser characters in the movie. But that's actually quite normal for action flicks of any budget. Overall I enjoyed the film and the action scenes were pretty good for it's budget. The story is true to the movie's description. I gave this a 9 out 10 because I really can't complain about much. For the budget of the film it beat out dozens of action flicks I've seen in the last 12 months that had much higher budgets. However, I preferred Luke's bad-ass character in Blood In Blood Out more.

Reviewed by moby1974 ( 7 / 10

Good low budget Brit flick

OK if you want a mega budget action film, big names, big affects....well then this is not for you. Its always hard to rate a low budget film as most have a bigger version out there (not always better mind) its hard to see past the poor locals or affects, long story short they look cheap. So we have Hit-man who relives his life, flash backs and the like, all that he has done told through his eyes. Acting wise Luke Goss is good, cold and cool, and the other cast.....well a few are good and a few bad (it tends to be accents that let actors down) The action is good at times, again the low budget keeps it to mainly gun/hand fights, both of which are not bad, its not flashy but it feels a little bit more real to life. The story is what it is, been there seen that, but it moves along well. The look of the film is lower budget.....but at times it looks very well shot. One thing that stood out for me was the soundtrack, simple and at times haunting, much better than most films of this type. I know I keep saying budget budget budget, but its what you have to think of when you look at these films, for me this is a good solid film for the budget, it makes me wonder just what Perry Bhandal(director, first film) could do if he was to get a bigger....OK last time BUDGET. I hope some studio has faith in Perry Bhandal and gives him more room to create.

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