Iron Man: Rise of Technovore


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Norman Reedus as Frank Castle/The Punisher
Matthew Mercer as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Eric Bauza as Ezekiel Stane/Technovore
Kate Higgins as Pepper Potts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 6 / 10

It fell between American comics and Japanese manga, and it hit bottom

The animation was good, like most Japanese animes. The voices were OK, without them being neither great nor grating to the ears. I didn't even consider the film having a soundtrack until the time of this review, so if it was, it was completely ignorable. What else is there? Oh, yes, the story. And the story is pretty much crap.

I see a pattern here: somewhere between the releases of big Hollywood productions, some low budget animation features appear, usually straight to video, and usually made by the Japanese. Is it an attempt to squeeze more money out of fans or one to bring more American productions to Asian markets? Probably both.

The problem with this idea is that the difference in quality between the big budget movies and the animated features is huge, and not always in a predictable direction. Look at the Resident Evil animated movies; some of them were way more enjoyable than the live acting ones.

So, what am I to think of Rise of the Technovore when the Stark hero is way off the image that Robert Downey Jr. created (let's face it, he pretty much carries the films by himself), the villain is practically copy-pasted from Japanese animes (bad ones) and, as many reviewers observed, the dialogue is boring and pretentious.

So I have to mark it as a failure. Not a big failure, mind you, we are talking about comic book heroes, so the expectations were low to begin with. However, I was kind of hoping for an interesting story that somehow escaped the censure of the Hollywood politburo. Alas, they had an American write the plot and that sealed its fate.

Reviewed by joeyfiero 1 / 10

This anime didn't explain half of what was going on.

This Animation is NOT the strongest part of the Iron Man franchise. The voice cast did not seem to have any idea what part was suppose to sound like what I couldn't tell the difference difference between a character running, walking or in an action scene, it all sounded the same. Through out the fighting and other scenes it was very boring with no action direction. The story starts off with Tony just talking about the next best thing to save the world, some satellite that can control all the worlds computers and over us. Then some advanced villain boy "Ezekiel" starts kicking everyone's butt while trying to take control of the satellite, then all of a sudden the villain's main "advanced weapons" start to break down with NO explanation of why. It was apparent that no one was a challenge for this villain. Then again, with NO explanation what so ever this villain boy starts to attack itself and becomes some kind of techno blob of crap shooting tentacle crap all over a city that is suppose to be in the middle of destroying the world. There is so much dialog yet nothing explained what was going on. Brandon, Kengo didn't know what was going on here with explaining what was going on where. All of the scenes felt like they were shot in 10 frames per second, I couldn't tell who was attacking or shooting who. This was a MAJOR disappointment for Marvel and Anime Fans. This looks like a very low budget anime that was just put together in order to make a quick buck off the fans. I didn't want to watch this movie after the first fight scene because it just didn't make any sense why shield would want to keep Iron Man in custody. Hiroshi took a major, muddy and wrong "direction" here.

Reviewed by scorp76 5 / 10

Another example why most Marvel animated series and movies are crap.

Where to begin? Whole story revolves around super-science bio-nano machines that can reconstitute themselves into any shape and are practically indestructible in this case armour.

The story is so drawn out that the seconds became minutes and the minutes hours. This instalment should have be regulated to a 20 minute episode. A best way to describe the torture of watching Technovore is to compare it to a late 60s to 70s Sci-Fi from Russia.

Then you got the dialogue which is god awful crap. It is so pretentious and boring. Half it sounds like those horrible anime dubs. While we are at it the voice acting also boarders on the same quality of those anime dubs. James C. Mathis III was the only one did a good job.

To sum it up it is the most unrealistic, illogical, boring, pretentious crap. Madhouse has yet to repeat their success for making an animated movie for the English market since Vampire Hunter D and their only good release after that was the Highlander direct to video movie.

Not even worth renting unless you are a die hard Iron Man or Madhouse fan.

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