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Katy Perry as Herself/Kathy Beth Terry
Adam Marcello as Himself - Band Leader/Drums
Casey Hooper as Himself - Guitars
Patrick Matera as Himself - Guitars
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisafordeay 7 / 10

If your a fan of Katy Perry like me then you will like this movie

Alright so I seen this in the cinemas last year with my brother and my mom. Of course we ended up watching this unannounced because the film that we were suppose to watch was on too late and we couldn't stay to watch it (BTW the film we were suppose to see was ICE AGE 4) but instead I said to my mom how about Katy Perry's concert movie. She agreed and we went in to see it. Surprisingly I actually found myself liking it. Heck I even bought it on DVD after that and I only seen it once(BTW its not a movie you'd watch over and over again,only now and again as its a documentary).

So what is it about,well the movie is a music documentary like I mentioned before about Katy Perry's life and what she does on a day to day basis touring around the world with her band and also learning her past mistakes when she married Russell Brand(whom she broke up with and you can actually see her breaking down in tears because of it. Also we get to see her 90 something year old grandmother,her parents,AND her brother and sister.Before the movie even starts we get to see some of Katy Perry's biggest fans and all her fun costumes that she wears.

Katy Perry herself seemed to be a really nice sweet down to earth young woman who knows how to please people,even my mom said that she was a really plain down to earth chick and my 5 year old brother(who was 4 at the time)also liked it(and hey it was his first PG movie so he might fancy her who knows right).

So onto my final verdict. If your a Katy Perry fan and you grew up listening to her music and just like her in general than go and see it,if you are looking for a movie based film where someone is acting like Katy Perry then avoid and also if you hate real life films than avoid it.

Overall I'm giving this a 7.

Reviewed by filmnoob007 7 / 10

Exactly what you expect it to be

If you go into this movie as a fan of Katy Perry, you'll love it. If you don't like her at all, you won't like the movie. Plain and simple.

As a fan of Katy Perry, I juggled with the idea of actually paying money to see this in the theater because I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore fan. But I decided I would go to experience the 3D effects. The 3D did not disappoint. It added a dimension to some of the concert scenes making the atmosphere fun and bubbly. The concert scenes were mixed in with behind the scenes looks at what goes into being Katy Perry.

Now if you are not a huge fan of her, you probably won't want to see the movie. It does give a really personal and at times, tragic, look into super stardom. And at the end of the movie you might find yourself liking Katy more.

Overall, it really is a film for fans. Nothing more, nothing less.

Reviewed by Ryan_MYeah 6 / 10

It's all just a way cash in, but we do get to see a very likable side of Katy Perry.

Yeah, I actually took the time to watch this. It's exactly what you would expect. It's simply another touring concert movie to cash in on the success of a modern icon, but at least we do get to see why people look up to Katy Perry in such a way. Is it her music? Okay, but lots of artists have good music. Is it her fashion? I don't think that's it either. I think people look up to Perry because her personality is just so likable, and she's faced relatable issues and real life problems, all of that leading to where she is now. Maybe the movie makes her a little too likable, but you can see exactly why she's considered such a role model, and any fan of her music (guilty) will enjoy hearing the live performances of her songs.

*** / *****

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