Me, Myself & Irene




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Jim Carrey as Charlie Baileygates/Hank Evans
Renee Zellweger as Irene P. Waters
Mongo Brownlee as Lee Harvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrankBooth_DeLarge 8 / 10

Surprisingly hilarious

Back when I first saw the commercials for this movie, I thought it looked pretty stupid. One day, I was at the video rental place and I decided to rent this because I like most of the Farrely brothers movies, and I also think Jim Carrey is hilarious. What I got was a big surprise, a hilarious movie that looks dumb on the surface, but really makes you laugh out loud.

In the movie, Jim Carrey plays a man with a split personality named Hank. Hank is violent, but has some funny ideas and does some really weird things. I don't want to spoil anything, because the comedy of this movie should never be spoiled for anyone.

There are some good actors in this movie that help keep the movie from becoming stupid. The advertisements did the film no justice, but you should see this anyway because it is exceptionally funny.

Reviewed by daveisit 6 / 10

Breathing Styles Differ

I find it strange so many people disliked this movie. Just because a critic dislikes a movie, doesn't mean you have to dislike it too! I'm not suggesting it was the greatest comedy of all time, but it certainly achieved its purpose.

There were easily enough laughs throughout the movie to keep me entertained, and Jim Carrey was his usual talented self. Renee Zellweger played her part well, allowing Carrey to steal most of the thunder. I'm not Carrey's biggest fan when he's being interviewed, but his acting is always impressive and appropriate.

I would definitely like to see Carrey pursue a few more dramatic roles.

Reviewed by martymaster ( 5 / 10

One of Jim Carreys best performances.

This movie is made by the famous Farrelly brothers and then you can of course expect how it is,funny from beginning to end. This movie like all the other Farrelly movies,take up issues which most people would find shocking.They joke about things that is so embarrassing and funny. I must say that I love this kind of comedy and can't wait until the next Farrelly movie.

A great comedy that deserves a position on the top among the best of its genre.

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