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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark Larsen 9 / 10


I don't understand the bad comments here. I saw the movie just now at a press screening in Bangkok. I did not expect much (because I read the negative comments yesterday), but it was very good! It's not rocket science, it's just another Mr. Bean movie. I even thought this one was better than the first one, especially in the second half of the movie. The end was a bit over the top, but that's only for the last two minutes, you will see why.

Willem Dafoe is also pretty funny as super ego movie director/actor and blends in well in the story with his 'replay' movie. Don't take life too serious and you will enjoy your time in the cinema watching Mr. Bean's Holiday!

Reviewed by SquirrelBot3000 10 / 10

The comedy that defines the term "Summer Fun".

If you asked a handful of people of varying ages in America, chances are you'd get about 8 out of 10 knowing who he is. They may not know Rowan's real name, but they know the character.

The sad part about this film is that it's absolutely wonderful, and most people in America aren't going to see it because it's rated "PG". Not a dirty gag, foul word, or joke about someone's junk to be found. And the really amazing part is that it's half comedy, half gorgeous scenery surrounding it. It mocks the Hollywood standard, it has melodious music, it's masterfully filmed, and all the while you just find yourself going "Oh, that Bean." *puts fists on hips*

I can't honestly say I've seen a film this good, this funny, this... pure that can make anyone laugh and find themselves feeling charmed after having seen it. Emma De Caunes stole my heart, Max Baldry is a kid that anyone his age can relate to, and Defoe actually pulls out a great, over-the-top performance without even uttering a four-letter word that he's so very good at snarling out.

You know what? Shame on us America. That we need the big bang, the flatulence, and the double entendre to amuse our soured idea of comedy. What is so wrong with having a character like Bean, a performance like Atkinson's, that we can't find that part of us that wasn't soured on tasteless "humor" but just absorb and let out a barrel-chested sigh of satisfaction after a hearty laugh from a genuine, clever clean joke or visual gag?

We'll go on, with our Jackasses and Scary Movie XII and we'll forget about them five minutes after we've left the theater, but darnit, it's high time a movie like Mr. Bean's Holiday came along. And I for one would pay money to see this again, even if the American know-it-alls of Hollywood think it's better suited in a death slot in September, to be forgotten, sandwiched between sequel after sequel and the banality of teen slasher flicks acted by twenty-somethings whose genre should have died off years ago.

If what Atkinson says is true, that this is the last time Bean will ever appear, then he's gone out on the highest note you could ever bestow on a character so beloved. Shine on Bean, and ride off into that sunset, you crazy, wonderful fella you. And thanks for all the laughs.

... But where's Teddy?

Reviewed by Simon Parker 8 / 10

Great fun, but overly sentimental

Rowan Atkinson had disappeared off our screens for a little while. After the critical mauling of Johnny English he sort of vanished into thin air for a while. Personally I can never understand why the critics savaged Johnny English as much as they did, sure it was flawed but it was pretty funny. Now, however Rowan Atkinson has returned, and he's brought along his most well loved character to date. Mr Bean is back, ladies and gentlemen! Now for some people this will cause great excitement, for others it will cause them to groan very loudly. You see Mr Bean is an acquired taste, and after seeing this movie I can still very much say that Mr Bean is an acquired taste. If you dislike Mr Bean in the first place the odds are extremely high that you will hate his latest outing. I on the other hand really like Mr Bean, not love, but I enjoy his sketches and the last movie was pretty funny. This movie in my eyes is a bit better despite still being overly sentimental and some comedy moments feeling a bit too forced. But this is a movie of small pleasures, this doesn't deliver witty comedy, in fact a lot of humour relies on either slapstick or embarrassing situations, yet the comedy still feels fresh and you can't help but enjoy it all along.

The first thing I'll mention is the actual storyline and the actual comedy of the movie. The storyline here works a lot better than it did in the first Bean movie. It seems more natural and like a proper Bean movie, not committee driven like the first movie seemed. The story involves Bean winning a raffle and going off on a holiday to France. It's a simple story and won't be winning any awards, but its what happens along the way that makes the movie so much fun. The comedy here ranges from pretty small laughs, such as the tie getting caught in the baguette machine, to absolutely hysterical sequences which involves Mr Bean trying to earn some money. And the comedy works like that throughout, its always making you smile, whether it be small little sequences that make you smile to yourself, or whether you're practically rolling in the aisles, this is a feel good movie and proud of it.

Nevertheless, the fact it is a feel good movie is also the movies largest downfall. The original Bean movie had huge problems because it was overly sentimental, unfortunately it seems like they haven't learnt their lessons with this movie. Sure it starts out hilarious, but the sentimentality begins to kick in around the halfway mark, and sometimes it is unbearably sickly that you can't help but want to heave. Of course this is a kids movie so I can't be overly critical with the sentimentality. But I would have preferred it to have had a little less of it. We want to see Bean in funny situations, not in a situation that tries to be heartwarming yet feels oddly misplaced. My other moan goes with the ending, it seems rather abrupt and also a tad sickly. The sickliness of it goes with my last complaint. But the ending after a bit of a lead up just suddenly jumps on you and its over. I was the only out of the group I saw it with who felt this, so perhaps that is just my feelings, but in my eyes I wanted a more spread out ending.

The performances of the movie are up to a pretty high standard. Atkinson doing his traditional Mr Bean routine, it doesn't feel old in the movie and it still proves that the character is pretty funny. Willem Dafoe pops along for a great role, and the actual child actor of the movie was surprisingly not irritating like a lot of child actors out there. Overall Mr Bean's Holiday is a great family movie that will keep the kids in hysterics and the adults very happy as well. Its not going to amaze people, but in terms of fun this movie should be a family favourite.

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