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Sean Faris as Jake Tyler
Djimon Hounsou as Jean Roqua
Amber Heard as Baja Miller
Cam Gigandet as Ryan McCarthy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zachary Pruckowski ( 7 / 10

Much better than advertised

The advertisements for this movie do it serious injustice. I was standing in the lobby of a movie theater at a free showing, and almost didn't walk in, because the trailers and ads had me convinced it was a complete waste of time. The advertisements portray the film as being merely a vehicle for shirtless boys to beat on each other and hot girls to wear bikinis. While there is no shortage of either, the movie has a strong underlying theme and a decent plot.

At the thematic level, the movie is about accepting responsibility for your actions, controlling your emotions, and making good choices. It's as much about motivations as macho.

Yes, it is a teen-targeted movie. You've got rich kids running around in massive mansions driving expensive cars, but that's just the setting. You've got people beating the crap out of each other, but that's just a plot device. The heart of the movie is about personal growth and making choices. It's not an empty action flick or a taped brawl.

It's not the best film of the year, and it may well wind up as a late night cable movie in a few months, but it's nowhere near as bad as people expect. It's definitely worth the price of a rental, and worth the $10 to see it in theaters, if you've got no other plans. I blame the negativity largely on the advertising, which tries to sell it as "just another fight movie".

Reviewed by dukevega 3 / 10

Serious Case of Deja View

If you weren't old enough to see movies and understand them back in 1984, this may seem like a pretty good movie. If, on the other hand, you were old enough, then you will see this movie for what it is: an updated version of "Karate Kid", a much better film. Before seeing this, I looked up the movie and read the plot, and that was the first thought that ran through my head; seeing it only proved it. By the time the movie was over, I counted over 15 similarities between the two films, and yet nowhere did I see any credit given to the original writers. Shouldn't they be suing for plagiarism?

1 Poor kid is star

2 Moves out to a coastal city

3 Meets pretty girl

4 Pretty girl has jerk boyfriend

5 Jerk boyfriend is local fighting champ (2 years running no less)

6 Poor kid knows a little about fighting

7 Gets into fight with jerk boyfriend and gets beat

8 Meets up with a teacher in the same style as jerk boyfriend

9 Teacher is foreign born

10 Teacher has experienced great personal loss

11 Poor kid and girl have tiff

12 They get back together after he apologizes for being a jerk

13 While jerk boyfriend is good fighter, has bad focus

14 Poor kid and jerk boyfriend face off in tournament he is champion of

15 In the tournament, poor kid suffers a serious injury

16 Poor kid wins anyway and earns jerk boyfriend's respect

There are some other plot holes which stretch the credibility of this movie even further. The main villain is in good shape, as he walks around half the movie with no shirt on, revealing some well-defined abs. I find it awfully hard to believe that a high school kid could achieve something like that.

The other plot hole which also made me scratch my head was the death of the lead character's father. He got drunk at a bar, got behind the wheel and wrapped his car around the tree. The lead was with him and I was wondering, "What is a high school kid doing at a bar? Do they check IDs any more?"

And another thing: what are high school kids doing participating in full-contact fighting tournaments? Isn't there some kind of law against that?

The one good thing I did like about the movie was the villain. He had a whole smug attitude which came off as highly believable. But still, that isn't nearly enough to make up for this rip-off. I'm just glad this was a sneak preview so I didn't have to pay to see this.

Reviewed by oli_rawlings 9 / 10

a heavily under-rated kick-arse movie, albeit its flaws...

Being a martial artist myself, i can understand why others may not feel the same way towards what i am about to say as this film is clearly aimed at a specific audience.

Never back down is a good teen-young adult film. Why is it rated so low? It contains and deals with many issues that are in our every lives. Issues of pride, of bullying, of prejudice, of commitment and above all respect. Its promotional campaign does not do it justice. If one looks below the surface, this movie has some depth to it.

Good things about it: fantastic soundtrack, good acting, great locations, professional fighting and pretty good story, albeit being a bit simple and predictable.

Bad things about it: a bit cheesy, mostly predictable, lack of character development apart from Jake (the main character) and Jean Roqua, the occasional bad technique (from my point of view) and a clear plastic feel to it due to the beautiful people.

I'm not much of a writter, all I'll say is this film is worth watching and is very empowering, particularly if you are a martial artist or have had a bad day.

overall 9/10

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