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Mark Wahlberg as Daniel Lugo
Dwayne Johnson as Paul Doyle
Anthony Mackie as Adrian Doorbal
Tony Shalhoub as Victor Kershaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ariasn1 9 / 10

Great, with a side of horror!

This movie was near perfect to me, and let me explain why: The actors portraying the three (can you call them) anti hero's incredibly well. I don't quite know how accurate they were in comparison to the real criminals but as standalone characters they were pitch perfect (even the Rock, who may have actually stolen the show for me).

Tony Shaloub is no actor to be laughed at, he played such an interesting 3 dimensional yet despicable character that forced me to try to come to terms with how I felt with him being the victim.

And what really made the movie for me was the phenomenal writing and directing combination, there were intensely serious moments surrounded by the blackest of black comedy, something that shouldn't have worked, but it did!

My only problem with the flick is that it IS a true story. From what I've heard it's not even based on a true story, it's just a sensationalized docudrama with added humour... Christ (re read this after you see the movie and then you'll find it funny... I hope)

TL;DR VERSION Not for kids; great movie with great casting, writing, direction, cinematography etc.; But it loses a point for taken such a sad, serious story and making it painfully funny.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Unbelievable true, but preposterous tale

Watching Pain&Gain today I was thinking that this film could have been handled as a straight drama. But given the absolutely preposterous nature of this true story I think playing it as a black comedy was the only way to go.

The film reminded me a whole lot of Fargo with a bit of Casino and Goodfellas thrown in. Three bodybuilders who become jealous and resentful of the wealthy clients they have at a health club they work at conceive of a plan to rob one they truly think is an obnoxious rich fool. That client Tony Shalhoub is just that is besides the point, these guys are like the hired criminals in Fargo and everything that can go wrong does. This film is exponential Murphy's Law. And Shalhoub proves to be tougher than these he men can imagine.

The three muscle bound Moriartys are Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie. Their back stories are provided with their own narration as Scorsese did in his crime classics, but these guys have results like Fargo though not at first. Their own weaknesses in the end defeat them.

Pain&Gain is laced with humor with a dash of pathos in as far as the criminal masterminds are concerned. They've sculpted themselves into the bodies beautiful and such Adonis/Apollo features deserve the best that life can offer. They think some cosmic joke is being played on them that an arrogant little worm like Tony Shalhoub should have so much wealth with all the big boy toys he can possess because of same. So Wahlberg, Mackie, and Johnson resolve to fix things as a matter of justice and entitlement.

I think if you have a quirky and bizarre sense of humor and a jaundiced view of life, you'll go for Pain&Gain.

Reviewed by Anthony Iessi 6 / 10

The Gain is worth the Pain

For years, Michael Bay's career has solely consisted of shoot em up flicks and apocalyptic disaster movies. One after the other, they've always told the same stories, utilized the same cliches and have been brutalized by critics everywhere. Personally, I never had anything against the guy. He does what he loves to do and almost 100% of the time gives his audience what they're there for. But don't mistake him as a one trick pony. Bay has been making a career of blockbusters for the sole purpose of having the luxury to make serious, less expensive movies. Pain & Gain might be proof positive of my point. It was quite a daring move for Bay to commit to such a bold feat as to make a film based on the true events of the Sun Gym gang. Like most of the film's critics (and there are quite an abundance of them), I agree that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to reenact the actual murders and backstabbing actions that these murderers did and play them up for laughs. Because, yes, this is indeed a comedy. Or is it? I can't tell what genre this movie falls under. But I cant deny thats its entertaining. I was very interested in the story of the actual events. What I'm trying to say is, the execution couldn't have been better in telling the story. The performances from Wahlberg, Johnson and Mackie were equally unique and insanely enjoyable. The three of them were able to capture the meat-headed simpletons that these criminals really were. The movie as a whole works. As a thriller, I was thrilled. But as a comedy, I was sort of indifferent. At times, I found myself laughing at some of the film's darker shaded sense of humor, and rolling my eyes at the cringe worthy, Adam Sandler style gross out jokes that the film unwillingly felt obligated to shove down our throats. An identity crisis, this film indeed had. When you get past all these cons, Pain & Gain is a well crafted, violent joy ride. Its one of the most underrated films of the year, and its worth your time in seeing it.

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