Piranha 3D


Comedy / Horror


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Elisabeth Shue as Julie Forester
Jerry O'Connell as Derrick Jones
Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Boyd
Ving Rhames as Deputy Fallon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Grey Gardens 7 / 10

The Best movie about Killer Piranhas ever made.

I thought this movie was going to be just AWFUL. However I was mistaken, it was actually pretty good. The acting, as I would've expected was mediocre, but no one in the cast was destined to shine in this film. I also had a good time watching the film, I was really happy how the Piranhas looked. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece like Citizen Kane or Schindler's List, cause you'll definitely be disappointed, but with a movie title like this, who would? Just go in expecting some laughter and have some fun with it. Also there's a lot of nudity and gore, so I don't advice parents to take your kids in theater to watch this film. Piranha 3-D lived up to its title, featuring Killer Piranhas with 3-D. It isn't in any way perfect, but then again, it doesn't need to be.


Reviewed by sidfargas 5 / 10

Worse Movie of the YEAR ... disgusting and dumb

I was expecting 3D babes and dumb "Jaws" type action but what they delivered was repulsive crap of the lowest order. How on earth did they get that cast to go anywhere near this disgusting and dumb mess??? Did Elizabeth Shue need money that badly? I've rarely seen bigger names involved with something this awful. Who the hell enjoys seeing woman getting graphically butchered in every way possible??? They graphically present everything ranging from flesh being peeled to the bone to women getting cut in half to a face literally being pulled off by yanking on a ponytail and all in bad 3D. Although, the ultra low point may have been showing a fish feeding on a severed penis and then spitting it out all chewed up at the screen. Come to think of it, that very well may be the low point in all of cinematic history.

Reviewed by 128bitworm 1 / 10


I have seen some bad "horror" movies recently. This is #1 on that list! Whoever thought of this idea really is a genius - Girls gone wild with a few CGI fish thrown in. A majority of guys going for this movie will recommend it to other guys for that one reason...oh and Kelly Brooke! But that is not even a consolation prize. The fish were added as an after thought. The main emphasis of the movie was spring break and the underwater scene of Kelly B and that other woman. I can't believe I got sucked in by the trailer and the title!!!!! I went and saw this movie in the hall, to my eternal regret. I hope anyone who hasn't seen it yet and reads my words will heed them. Don't waste your money on this "movie"!!

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