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Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa
Antonio Tarver as Mason 'The Line' Dixon
Milo Ventimiglia as Robert Balboa Jr.
Burt Young as Paulie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prophet797 10 / 10

Just As Good As The First

I saw this film at a test screening a few months ago. While I am a fan of all the films I think this one is the most on par with the first one. While two thru five were good films they had more to do with Rocky as a public figure and his fame. In this film he is not that distanced from the guy he was in the first, maybe just a little wiser. The film doesn't focus so much on boxing as it does on the actual character of Rocky and the trials he faces having one day been on top of the world and now he leads a simple life and thrives on his memories.

I am a huge Stallone fan but I realize his career has been in a slump lately, but this film would be a perfect resurrection for him. The acting is great and it has some of the best writing I've seen in years. Two very powerful scenes are when Rocky tries to get his license back and probably the best scene of the film is when he confronts his son.

Any Stallone or Rocky fan will love this film. And I'm sure a lot of people who had doubts about this film 30 years later or even Stallone being 60 years old will be very surprised and pleased. And it does not hurt that Sylvester Stallone is in better shape at 60 then half of Hollywood under 30.

I've already seen the movie but I plan to be there opening day to see it again.

Reviewed by EnriqueH 10 / 10

Surprise and relief! Rocky Balboa is a winner


Stallone did it.

I went in cringing and walked out impressed.

The tone was closer to the first two Rocky movies, but it did it in a way that the fifth movie wasn't able to grasp. One key ingredient: verisimilitude.

They treated the boxing in the film the way boxing is in real life. I know, because I covered and followed the sport very closely for about three years.

Real life boxing personalities pepper the film's cast. For the fight scene, they got the current HBO announcing team of Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Max Kellerman.

They treated the build-up to the fight not unlike movie audiences are treating Rocky Balboa the movie: What, another Rocky movie/fight? There is some reminiscing of the past like in Rocky 5, but it's handled much better. It flows naturally from Rocky the character. It's not nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia the way some of Rocky V played out. In fact, I got choked up quite a few times throughout the film.

The writing is excellent. The monologue from the first Rocky teaser, that some people criticized, shows up in this movie. It plays WAAAAAAAAAAAY better, more powerfully, with more emotional resonance in the context of the movie. The teaser didn't do it justice. The movie does.

If you're a Rocky fan, you have to see it. If your girlfriend/boyfriend aren't Rocky fans or have never seen a Rocky movie, you have to take them.

My 19-year-old girlfriend thinks she has seen Rocky but only as a little girl, so she had a vague, if any, recollection of the series. So vague, in fact, that she even told me that Stallone the actor looked "familiar". And she loved the movie. She cheered, and when the fight started, she told me, "I'm so nervous!" In the end, she also loved the character of Rocky, proving to me that the character's appeal--despite his age and several decades removed from his debut---is still undeniable.

Stallone was great in the role, of course. This is obviously the part he was born to play.

Burt Young is great as Paulie. He gave a nice supporting performance with the right touch of humor.

I was impressed with Antonio Tarver as Mason Dixon. Tarver, as some of you might know, is a real fighter. In fact, I saw him fight once in Miami. He turned in a good performance, which I wasn't expecting since he's an athlete, not an actor. So Tarver deserves a nod.

The movie is inspiring---the winning quality in all Rocky movies.

Now don't get me wrong: I'm not claiming this is Rocky I all over again. This is the sixth movie in what was a tired series when we last saw it, but Stallone breathed new life into it and it's definitely a deserving addition to the Rocky series.

Lastly, there's a moment in the theater that I really, really want to share with you guys. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the end.

The movie audience was pretty quiet throughout the first half. But when Rocky starts training to the Rocky theme, the crowd came alive and began cheering and clapping. I saw one guy throwing punches during the fight. Another guy was stomping on the ground from what I imagined was excitement of the fight, and nervousness.

I'm not sure Stallone could've made a better part 6 than this.

Reviewed by justiceryan 10 / 10

Best one since the original

Had the opportunity last night to see the World Premier of Rocky Balboa two months before it will be released. A great movie. I was impressed with it, in fact the storyline is something we will all appreciate. I am looking all over the internet right now to see if I can find the two speeches Rocky gives in the movie, that gave me chills. One was to the commission, when he tries to get his boxing license, and the other to his son. The acting is great, the storyline as stated before is great, the cast is well put together as well. This is Stallone's best acting ever. The only downfall, I thought was the soundtrack, as Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) entrance music to the fight is great, and of course the theme to Rocky is great, but other than that the soundtrack was not good at all. However as we all know we cannot judge a movie by its soundtrack. This is a must see!

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