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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bennettgardiner 7 / 10

Not flawless, but still "breathtaking"

This movie, although not James Cameron's best, is visually exciting and suspenseful. A gripping expedition becomes a race against time and human nature, when a group of explorers navigating an immense cave in Papua New Guinea during a cyclone find themselves trapped in what threatens to become a watery tomb.

The sometimes melodramatic acting and cliched dialogue tries too hard to construct the nature of each character before the action scenes start to set in, the uncompromising and experienced leader, the rash and cocky business man, the young kid with father issues. There were plenty of chances to let these traits become apparent naturally throughout the script.

The acting gets more bearable as the number of characters starts to dwindle a little. What saves this movie is the sense of scale in the scenery, the beauty of the natural caves, and the realism with which situations become volatile and unmanageable.

Overall, if you want to see a decent, action driven film about of one of the world's last remaining unexplored landforms, then Sanctum will (probably) not disappoint. It could have done without the 3D, which seemed unnecessary overkill. Not as good as The Abyss, but a similarly excellent visual experience to Avatar, unfortunately it comes with a similar level of acting and, with momentary exceptions, emotional depth.

Reviewed by autobahnsau 5 / 10

Drowned In Melodrama

The script hovers around B-movie level; the characters are fairly one dimensional. That said, the leads do the best they can with the material. Roxburgh is the shining light in this dark cavernous movie. Relative newcomer Wakefield deserves kudos for getting through some physically grueling scenes while giving the stereotypical "son with absent father" some dimension. Gruffudds character rapidly deteriorates from charming daredevil to crazed selfish psychopath which is boring and predictable. He deserved better.

The old standby kills are easily telegraphed. "Sanctum" is particularly harsh to women. "Females best beware taking on the oh-so-manly task of cave diving; you WILL fail" is the message. The only moment of extreme gore is at the half way point. It was the only time there was much response in our packed theater. Do not expect to be moved or feel much connection with the characters or story.

On the upside, many of the underwater scenes are remarkable. The 3-D is not necessary but does add to the claustrophobia and disorientation the characters must battle. The cinematography and editing are fantastic and easily the best part of the film. Would have loved more panoramic establishing shots of the underground environment so that the audience could get a real feel for why these daredevils risked so much.

Many of the cave shots and renderings are breathtaking, but ultimately there is no heart and soul to either the characters, dialogue or plot. There is a reliance on bombastic music to force emotions, leaving "Sanctum" as cold and airless as the caves being explored. In the few scenes where the music was cut and all one could hear was water and breath, a larger sense of drama was invoked.

"Sanctum" is inspired by a true story. It would have benefited greatly from a more documentary perspective instead of spiraling into melodrama. The poor script and characterization are ultimately anchors that weigh the film down. "Sanctum" boasts Cameron, but this is no Avatar, it's more like the sinking of the Titanic.

Final Verdict: Skip this and see Cameron's superior "The Abyss" instead

Reviewed by ramair350 9 / 10

I am a movie snob and loved it - can't believe how bad the reviews are...

This movie entertains from start to finish. Are the characters "two dimensional"? To me not in any sense (ha ha, yes the movie is 3D, lousy pun intended).

But seriously, for two hours you are taken on a brutal subterranean adventure. I liked the fact that it IS believable. It isn't just action - it is a true human drama and shows the good and bad that can come from people in a life or death situation. And I didn't think it was predictable (for the most part, anyway). I am guessing that the reviewers just didn't like the characters, but that is no fault of the actors; the characters were quite realistic, which I considered a huge plus, while others might have preferred something else. I do need to give a disclaimer that I did not research the "true" story and watched purely from the perspective that it is 100% fiction, so I'm not saying this is an accurate depiction of real events. But it sure seemed like something that could happen.

It isn't "The Black Swan". It isn't "True Grit". It won't be sweeping the Academy Awards. But was it entertaining and worth the price admission? Without question - I actually found it more enjoyable and gripping than anything I have seen in some time. Highly recommended - give it a fair chance!

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