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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crowrobot 10 / 10

"Let's get 'em!"

That one line from Jake (Kevin Costner) as he, Paden (Kevin Kline), Emmett (Scott Glenn), and Mal (Danny Glover) are riding into town for the last battle against a corrupt sheriff (Brian Dennehy) exemplifies everything that is great about 'Silverado'. It's a high-spirited adventure that is fun, does not take itself too seriously (well, maybe a little), and cheerfully reenacts Western cliches. It's the kind of movie where you can tell the actors had fun making it, and you have fun too.

The acting is uniformly excellent. Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, and Danny Glover all bring quiet dignity as well as low-key humor to their roles, but it's Kevin Costner who impressed me the most. As Glenn's cocky young brother, Costner doesn't even bother to contain his glee at being in a Western. He gives the most fun performance in the movie, and it's good to see a younger Costner not taking himself nearly as seriously as he does now. The supporting cast has some nice players: John Cleese shows up as a fair-minded sheriff who seems to have walked over from a Monty Python skit; Academy Award-winner Linda Hunt ('The Year Of Living Dangerously') steals scenes as a strong-willed bar owner who Kevin Kline befriends; and Brian Dennehy is thoroughly slimy as the villain.

The action is fun, and director Lawrence Kasdan shows a gift for this material (granted, he was the person who wrote 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'), and the screenplay (also by Kasdan) is joyous in the way it resurrects the Western. The movie also has one of the best action scores I've ever heard by Bruce Broughton, and I was humming the title theme as the movie concluded.

'Silverado' is a shining example of the Western genre, and it stands as one of the greatest pure entertainment Westerns ever made.

Reviewed by Darth Sidious ( 5 / 10


Silverado is damn good fun. Being a small fan of the Western genre, I felt this was the most refreshing one I've seen in a while. The genre had pretty much died, but came back in Silverado, and it felt so fresh.

The plot is simple and cliche, I think it's paying homage to the classics. It sticks within the Western boundary and does its thing.

The cast is pretty good, and well known, but in 1985, these actors were just Hollywood virgins. I was surprised by John Cleese, he stuck out like a sore thumb, but I enjoyed his performance. You have Costner hamming it up, and Jeff Goldblum was cool. Scott Glenn was probably the best. Hell, Glover was pretty good, too.

The direction is wonderful as is the editing, the film moves along at a decent pace. I wish Lawrence was a more prominent director, he deserves more success.

The film score is very nice, fits the film perfectly.

Overall, one of the best Westerns in the last 25 years.

Reviewed by Righty-Sock ( 9 / 10

"Silverado" carries us out into the overpowering grandeur of the American West...

One of the cruel twists that sometimes appears in the showdown is the spectacle friend facing friend at opposite ends of a gun… Kline faces his friend and fellow lawman Dennehy… And the two come into direct conflict… They know that the only true test can be when one outdraws and kills the other… The inexorable outcome is a tense showdown… With such equal abilities a split second is the difference between life and death… The two friends square up and draw in the same instant and simultaneously… Kline is surprisingly effective as the cowboy with a troubled past and Dennehy, as Sheriff Cobb, generates a palpable menace…

Scott Glenn is a professional gunslinger, not an angel or a traditional 'goodie' by any means but a man with a certain honor and nobility… His life is a series of confrontations… He plans to start life over in California with his brother Jake but, as ever, there are always punks who wants to take him down…Glenn does not have the screen presence of some of the other characters of the film, but the action-oriented films ideally suited him…

Kevin Costner is charismatic as the sympathetic young hotshot gunslinger, soft at heart… He measures his self by his fancy double gun belt… Wearing two guns, he kills two armed guys in a couple of seconds with two shots— one bursts from each pearl-handled gun—and he didn't even aim…

Danny Glover must overcome the racism of Turley to find the 'baddies' who killed his old father and wounded his sister… No doubt racism is rampant in this part of the country… The film succeeded in introducing a strong black character with a look of high expectation on his face…

Villains in Lawrence Kasdan's "Silverado" are all quite good… Ray Baker (Ethan McKendrick) is totally without moral redemption whose job it is to run settlers off their homesteads… John Cleese, is the nasty sheriff (Langston) dressed rather elegantly in suit and bowler... Jeff Goldblum remembers me Lee Van Cleef in a scene from "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral". In this scene, Cleef prepares himself to kill Kirk Douglas by a small gun hidden in his left boot… Goldblum, in "Silverado" lifts his pant leg, at the poker table, and reveals the handle of a long knife secreted in his boot…

Rosanna Arquette's short scenes in the movie look to be going to a romantic relationship involving her and the two heroes (Kline and Glenn) but nothing ever occurs… Even Lynn Whitfield as Glover's sister has so little dialogue and screen time that she doesn't emerge well in her true character… Linda Hunt makes her best as Stella, the 'Midnight Star' in a velvet dress, who runs the local saloon…

Filmed on ravishing locations around New Mexico, "Silverado" is so good it will appeal to you even if you hate the genre… It is filled with challenge, and excitement… It catches the perfect blue sky above the orange desert and celebrates the beauty of wagon trains moving through pretty, rolling country… splashing noisily across the river… It exhibits expansive saloons busy with gamblers, drinkers, and lovely brightly-dressed girls... It shows fantastic shootouts, ambushes, jail breaks, outlaw hideouts, bar fights, and cattle stampede…

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