Starship Troopers: Invasion


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Luci Christian as Carmen Ibanez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rocco Steel 10 / 10

A lot better than expected

The thing is boys and girls: this isn't the Shawshank Redemption...There's gratuitous nudity, corny dialog and not a lot of subtext. The thing is that Starship Troopers was never meant for anything like that; the setting is a sci-fi universe with much more gore, trash and nudity than would be expected. This movie is meant for the old Starship Troopers fans, those who know the movie (the first for god's sake) and the Roughnecks animated series; it isn't a good introduction to the setting but it wasn't meant to be. Overall I would give it an 8/10 because I was expecting a respectable follow-up to to the series that was graphically polished, sensible towards character development and not very predictable from a storyline point of view and as far as these basic requirements are concerned, it doesn't disappoint. Overall, if you liked the source material, and you know the setting this is a nice follow up and much better than the god-awful movie sequels. Despite my individual rating of 8/10, I gave the movie a rating of 10/10 if only to balance out the people who I assume weren't all that familiar with the setting and under voted a movie which, from an objective point of view, cannot possible receive less than a 6/10.

Reviewed by laurentdelvigne-446-586973 8 / 10

Fun to watch

I loved the first movie (directed by Verhoeven). With the young cast at that time.

They took all the elements of the first movie, and made it a very good animated feature ! Hope this will reboot the franchise in a good way (forgetting the sequels and the bad animated series).

But it is like entering in a big video game demo with non-stop action scenes.

Very entertaining, popcorn in a bucket, and sit tight to watch it with friends. NOTE: not really for kids, because there are some nudity, violence and gore scenes.

Reviewed by ordinary_eins 8 / 10

Preaty Darn good movie, troopers !

the original Starship trooper though never achieve legendary status like Aliens or Predator, still a very good enjoyable movie.

And if you like the original, You will definitely enjoy this one too. Though the Invasion is Animation, the style is photo realistic like FF the spirit within, Resident evil degeneration and so on.

But despise being Animation, Its have nice suspense, and action. and like the original have lots Blood and gore. The Equipment and Ships were rendered very good. even better models compare to originals.

The Troopers suit, seems try to joining the original movie to the novel one. which Mechanized Troopers rather than Regular Rifleman like the one we saw on Original movie. Thumbs up for the well animated and models of the Power suit used by the troopers.

However, The camera angle and Music can not match the quality of the special effect, and animation. There are few shoots that not quite good, and the camera angle is no special - despite being animated movie. camera shoots can be more dynamic. The music, well.... just mediocre. its not good enough to Follow the movie pace, rather FLAT. sound effect also sub par though its good enoughs on several occasion .

In the end, its an enjoyable movie like predecessor (sorry ST2 and ST3 you both not counted as enjoyable). And Im looking forward for possible sequel.

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