The Beach Girls



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Debra Blee as Sarah
Val Kline as Ginger
Jeana Keough as Ducky
James Daughton as Scott Daniels
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DKehr 5 / 10

Fluffy, light hearted teenage T & A flick

The acting in this beach romp feast is not to be compared with the likes of Citizen Kane, more likely to that of Hard Bodies 1&2. This movie would by most standards be regarded as a "B" movie, but even at that it is a easy viewing movie, there's no political messages, no stands for anything, just some parody, slap-stick and a little skin. If you feel this movie may not be mentally stimulating enough, sit back,relax and mellow out for a little laughs and silliness.

Reviewed by Rob Crespino ( 5 / 10

Beach Girls Is A Blast!

I first saw this movie on late-night Cinemax when I was about fourteen years old. It has become a cult classic in my book. I showed it to all my friends after taping it. It is an absolute hoot! It's so bad that it is absolutely hilarious! The story: Virginial Sarah (Deborah Blee, who went on to the triumphant "Hamburger: The Motion Picture") goes to spend the summer at her Uncle Carl's beach house. Sarah has invited two friends to join her for the summer: Loose hussies Ducky (Jenna Thomasina, a PLAYBOY playmate of the year) and Ginger (bleach-blonde Val Kline, who seems to have vanished.) Much to the disapproval of Sarah, Ginger & Ducky turn Uncle Carl's beach house into a wild, no-holds-barred sex, drugs, and alcohol orgy. When Uncle Carl arrives unexpectedly, he demands that the party stop, but topless Ginger and Ducky ply him with booze and marijuana, and soon Uncle Carl joins in the party. Meanwhile, drug smugglers being chased by the Coast Guard dump dozens of garbage bags filled with pot into the ocean, and the bags float up in front of Uncle Carl's. What follows is a wild pot party, with the Coast Guard raiding Uncle Carl's and building a bonfire with all of the confiscated weed. Everybody gets deleriously high. That's the movie! I could list some truly classic lines but there's not enough space. Trust me...this is funny, funny, a good/bad sort of way. Get your hands on it if you can! Great party flick!

Reviewed by Boggman 8 / 10

Takes you back to a simpler time…….

I love the "Beach Girls"! This movie kicks some serious butt!! This movie is a great example of 80's fun; back when people, life, and movies were much more carefree. There was no "Just Say NO" campaigns and no AIDS - just a lot of people who wanted to have the most fun they could possibly have!! Uptight Sarah (a beautiful Debra Blee) is staying at her rich Uncle Carl's luxurious beach pad on Paradise Beach for the summer. Lucky for her, she's invited her two wild, hot, out of control partying girlfriends Ginger (Val Kline) and Ducky (Jeana Tomasina) to join her. While Ginger and Ducky are making the drive out to Uncle Carls place, they pick up hitchhiker Scott (James Daughton) and bring him along for the ride.

As soon as the girls arrive they waste no time in getting the party started. First item of business: BOYS! So they pick up the phone book, order them selves a pizza boy, a repairman, and anyone else they can get to show up.

Its not long before the party is raging- the clothes start coming off right away and everyone is drinkin, dancing, and getting high. This is all very exciting for the local gardner (a fantastically funny Bert Rosario), who watches in awe and excitement at the going on's around him.

Its not long before Uncle Carl gets word of the party, so he hightails it down to put a stop to it. Not wanting to be a jerk, he tells Sarah that her friends can continue with their party through the evening, but they all have to leave in the morning...including Ginger and Ducky. Of course, the two bombshells overhear this, and set out to seduce Uncle Carl with sex, drugs, and booze in an effort to win him over.

There's also a small subplot with the Coast Guard trying to infiltrate to some weed smugglers by boat- who end up dumping several trashbags full of pot overboard- where they eventually are discovered by none other than Ginger and Ducky the next day.

So whats to do?? Throw the wildest party ever! And they sure do!

During party night #2, Sarah (whos been falling for Scott) decides she is tired of everyone telling her to "lighten up" and decides she is gonna follow in the footsteps of her two girlfriends.

This movie is filled with plenty of T&A, cliches, and drug references. Its pure mindless fun, but fun nonetheless!! A very enjoyable, simple and silly movie!!

As for the "Pom Pom Girls"....never seen it but the DVD is worth it for the "Beach Girls" alone!!


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