The Heat


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Had Enough 7 / 10

Well Worth Watching

I cannot understand all the very negative reviews for this movie. They almost convinced me not to watch it. Fortunately, the decent reviews convinced me to take an chance, and I am glad I did. This movie is as good a comedy as any of the decent comedies to come out in the last two years, of which there were not many. The acting was top class. The script was very funny and the direction was just right. The leads complimented each other perfectly. The pace was very good and kept you interested. Even the slower part which was only a very small portion of the overall movie, but was one of the things which made it more human and easier to relate to. Well worth a look.

Reviewed by apeman45 1 / 10

I feel very sad after watching this

Maybe this was outside my demographic. There were several women in the theater laughing hysterically the whole movie. I think I chuckled once or twice or maybe I threw up a little in my mouth - I'm not sure. I LOVED Bridesmaids so I was expecting a funny movie. This movie was depressing and I would have walked out but my girlfriend was enjoying herself so we stayed.

Decent cast and some good comedians which had nothing to work with. I was saying the lines before the characters were, they were so obvious. The plot is terrible with no surprises and the script seemed to be an ad lib for Mellissa McCarthy. Don't get me wrong she is funny but it got to the point the movie seemed like a 2 hour Saturday Night Live skit. The executions and deaths were puzzling in a comedy. Our heroines waving guns in the faces of innocent civilians for laughs wasn't funny. The message that Sandra Bullock couldn't get a man because she was threatening to men was ridiculous.

The Heat is more like a summer blizzard. I can't recommend it.

Reviewed by rustybuttocks 2 / 10

Awful, Awful Film

Alright, I confess, I simply could not get through this. And I tried, god knows I did, but the amount of deeply unpleasant police brutality played for laughs, and the extremely overt misandric humor, not to mention the good old-fashioned mind-boggling stupidity of it all, in the FIRST TEN MINUTES ALONE was just about as much as I could take. I soldiered on for another half hour or so but couldn't make it to the end. The Melissa McCarthy character is just foul, a female fascist pig (sow? can I say that?) screaming abuse at every man she meets and taking glee in inflicting completely unnecessary physical pain on them just for laughs. Playing Russian Roulette pointing a loaded gun at a man's genitals. Taking a teenage boy to jail just for smoking a joint and going out of her way to destroy the family life of a foolish john caught trying to pick up a streetwalker. We're supposed to find this kind of contempt and hostility funny and... empowering? something like that. But I really didn't. And if the genders were reversed, neither would anyone else. Neither would you.

Anyhow, I don't know which is the more astoundingly implausible: Sandra Bullock effortlessly being the best cop on the force without doing a single scrap of detective work or the morbidly obese McCarthy successfully chasing after and catching a 19 year old black kid in peak physical condition. I guess the latter, just for sheer absurd spectacle, but it's a close call.

There's a few funny moments around the McCarthy character's family dinner table, and you get to see Bill Burr for a little bit, which is always worth a watch. But still: awful, awful film.

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