The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


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Steve Carell as Burt Wonderstone
Luke Vanek as Young Anton
Steve Buscemi as Anton Marvelton
Mason Cook as Young Burt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rivertam26 5 / 10

Starts off solid enough and than slowly deflates

I didn't have high expectations for this film to begin with and to be honest it was a bit more engaging than I would have expected. But the promises of the films extravagant concept and it's cast of comic gold leaves a lot to be desired. Set in the world of Magic, the film centers on a magician named Burt Wonderstone played underwhelmingly by a seemingly uninspired Steve Carrell. It chronicles quickly his rise from a young geek to a lead magician on the Vegas strip. But after a wannabe, stomach churning magician played by a sexy but forced Jim Carrey shows up to make waves it causes conflict with his long time partner, a better than expected Steve Buscemi and their show suffers for it. It ends up in their friendship and show breaking up and from that point on chronicles Steve Wonderstone's self discovery and journey back on top. If your feeling this all sounds fairly melodramatic it's because it mostly is. Despite some inspired funny bits with Olivia Wilde the film's stand out surprise comic performance and a few moments with Alan Arkin as a former magician it's all fairly generic and predictable and not very funny. That being said although the film misses a lot more than it hits it's still fairly engaging on a story level and somewhere along the way you end up caring just a smidge about the characters. But all that falls apart in an unfunny mean third act that confuses the films seemingly solid message. Overly mediocre. 2.5/5

Reviewed by cynthia-ostrich 6 / 10

An Enjoyable Watch

A lot of times I go into a movie with an opinion already formed about it. It's not based on any research or critical reviews, simply on the trailer. That was case with The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. My opinion of the film was not too positive going in. I was dragged to it by a friend of mine with questionable taste in movies to begin with. I could have not been more surprised. I found myself laughing through the entire feature.

The movie is pretty farcical to say the least, at some junctures borderline silly, but found myself quite enjoying the humor. It was a nice change of pace from all the recent comedies that have to go to the extreme with language and sex humor to make their point. It pokes fun at inter-workings of the illusionist and the final scene before the credits is classic.

The characters were very well cast. It is no secret based on past films and TV that Steve Carrell has experience in magic tricks, and he pulls it off in the film. It was also refreshing to see Steve Buscemi reprise a comedic role and carry, an impressive contrast to bootlegger Knucky Thompson. And as you would expect, Jim Carrey steals the show as the antagonistic shock magician, Steve Gray. For those who like these actors, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a silly, light hearted but enjoyable hour and forty minute movie.

Reviewed by user-634-758817 8 / 10

Other REVIEWERS have lost their innocent sense of Humour

The problem with most reviews today is that people have lost their innocence and playfulness the world once new.

The days when the family would go to the cinema together and buy popcorn and coke and it was a rare treat for all seem to have been replaced with an over critical and harsh assessment of anything!! The film itself deals with a similar subject when Burt Wonderstone loses his ability to realise that to somebody, even an old trick is a new one that can bring wonderment to even the oldest audience.

Lets stop and look at the film for what it is! Its not supposed to be a drama or intense film like The Green Mile. Its a innocent throw back to the era of stage magicians when rabbits from hats would trigger gasps of amazement by crossed legged kids watching in the front row.

The introduction of a 'Criss Angelesque' character was to show the shift in social attitudes in regards to what we consider entertainment is (and jim carrey does it hysterically).

Yes the story is not meant to be compared to anything of a serious nature but does have some underlying content that should make us think a little.

Today when films like 'Kickass' and 'Jackass' seem to warrant high ratings and are viewed by kids its sad to see such a fun, innocent and laughable film getting a bad rap.

In Australia at my cinema everyone was in hysterics (and this was a late session 1/4 full).

If you liked Jerry Lewis and can still laugh ... you'll love it if you enjoyed the fun of films like back to the future ... you will love it If hearing a 13 year old girl in kickass say "Suck my &*#$" was funny to you... then you missed the boat on what funny really is.

Take a chance be amazed and let yourself laugh like no one is around... let it out and let the joy of "Burt WOnderstone" lighten you heart for just a couple of hours.

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