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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Martin 9 / 10

An interesting look into the life of someone I knew nothing about

I didn't know what to expect from The Look of Love. I like Steve Coogan so gave it a shot. In my opinion it's well worth a watch.

The film is a biopic about Paul Raymond played fantastically by Steve Coogan. For those unfamiliar, like I was before seeing TLOL, Paul Raymond was an entrepreneur who owned a lot of property and strip clubs in London and was at one point Britain's richest man. It's amazing how such a rich guy can go so unheard of, with people my age anyway, yet have such a big empire in London just years ago. S'pose they're not going to teach you about the strip clubs and nudey plays in second year history at school. It made for some really interesting watching.

And not because of the more or less constant boobs in case that's where your mind immediately went there. There is admittedly more graphic nudity in this film than I've ever seen in a film ever but because there is so much of it you kind of get used to it. The novelty of 'tee hee, boobies' fades away pretty quick to make way for a pretty fascinating life story.

My journalism lecturer always said there's nothing more interesting than writing about a famous person 'on the slide' out of fame and power and there's certainly a lot of 'sliding'here. He lives such an extravagant lifestyle with the drugs and ever changing woman you know it'll all catch up with him some day. The whole second half that looks at the unusual relationship between him and his spoilt daughter is pretty captivating. To give you a taste of what their relationship is like, there's a scene where Paul catches his daughter snorting coke. Instead of telling her off and getting angry he insists she mustn't just buy her drugs off the street and to only do the very best. It's a look into a life of excess and irresponsibility which makes for an intriguing watch.

There are a lot of British actors , mostly comedians, in the film.There's actually so many big British names it's almost distracting. There's Coogan obviously who naturally steals the show. But then there's cameos from Stephen Fry, Simon Bird, David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Dara O'Briain - the list goes on. All do a good job, even if some are only in it for a matter of seconds, but celebrities like Dara O'Briain don't really come across as fully fledged characters. It just takes you out the film for a few seconds and makes your brain announce 'oh look, it's him from Mock The Week'.

I don't like to talk about cinematography too much as I'm a complete novice but I could tell it's good here. Parts where they talk about Paul Raymond's men-only magazine feel like you're actually flicking through a 70s style dirty mag. The fashion of the time is very prominent with bright zig-zagging colours in his clubs and houses sucking you into the era nicely.

It might not be for everyone is a possible problem- 3 people walked out of our screen halfway through due to what I assume was it's increasing amount of graphic porn scenes. Similarly big action, life changing drama fans may feel a little underwhelmed. If you show a bit of interest and follow the relationship between Raymond and his daughter however you'll find this film to be a surprising little gem.

Reviewed by Moobee 5 / 10

lack of angle, no layers and textures of characters, a waste of good chance.

this is a movie filled up with event and facts but no characters, no detail on characters' world, they are acting on the surface, the script is the problem, it should be worked into textures and layers of these colourful characters rather than just covered them with events and what's happen,

they could edit some scenes out which director just show what's happen but not take them further to a better storytelling; stories happened to build the characters so we viewers can sympathize with them. You don't feel for any of the characters here. it's such a shame. this movie has no angle to this special group of people.....

All the emotion is not quite there, never gets to the point and ends at the surfaces. the film wasted these casting since they can do more than what's in the film. We all know how well they can act for such a colourful Raymond's world.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

Solid biopic but the main character is unappealing

Michael Winterbottom and Steve Coogan team up again. They had previously combined to great effect in 24 Hour Party People and A Cock and Bull Story. It has to be said that, while this is a good enough film, it pales in comparison with those other two. Perhaps the main reason for this is, unlike Tony Wilson from 24 Hour Party People, the main character here isn't very sympathetic at all. Steve Coogan plays Paul Raymond in a similar bumbling way but it doesn't seem as true to character here. Coogan is still good, don't get me wrong, but he seems more on auto-pilot than usual. On paper the cast is really good. It's a who's who of British comedians and comic actors. In practice though, most of them have blink and you'll miss them roles, which was kind of unfortunate. Of the ones who do have bigger parts Chris Addison plays perhaps the least admirable character in the story, Men Only editor Tony Power, a man also with a truly appalling beard. Also Anna Friel is good as Raymond's long suffering wife.

It's a biopic about the porn baron Paul Raymond. But curiously, it lacks a bit of drama. Raymond has already made it when the story begins and the rest just adds further details such as the creation of Men Only magazine or specifics on personal relationships like with Fiona Richmond. Perhaps the main concurrent storyline is about his daughter who ended up dying of a drug overdose, this plot strand is the only one that provides any emotional fall for the central character. Raymond seems to have been a hopeless father, allowing his daughter to take cocaine with little concern and being entirely ambivalent to the existence of his first son. He is also a terrible husband and generally a somewhat sleazy individual. He isn't likable but not horrendous enough to be a great anti-hero.

The Look of Love sometimes feels like an attempt at a British Boogie Nights. It's stylised enough and similarly has a soundtrack that reflects the times. But it doesn't have the energy and fun of that movie. It does have a lot of nudity though that much is for sure. Of especial note on that front is a scene where Anna Friel is photographed while in a bubble bath. She looked pretty fantastic it has to be said. The sexiest moment in a film that doesn't really have very many despite the subject matter. In fairness, this is a good film; just one that I thought would be better considering the personnel involved.

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