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Val Kilmer as Dr. Kruipen
Alexandra Staseson as Infected Girl
Brad Dryborough as Man With Needle/Fishing Reporter
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Reviewed by rowdyoctopus 1 / 10

All the acting isn't terrible, but the writing/screenplay sure was!

Many people have commented on the political commentary and the awful acting by some of the characters, but if you can ignore all of that (which I am fairly good at doing) this movie still doesn't hold up.

First, most characters in the movie exhibit wildly varying symptoms after being infected. One guy you can't even tell is infected, another has one sore he keeps covered, one girl looks ready to keel over any minute before she does, and another girl is covered in sores. No wonder none of them were smart enough to figure any of it out.

The rest of the movie is just full of dumb moments.

Val Kilmer's character is shot in the chest at point blank range with a rifle, survives in the tundra for 24 hours and crawls a long distance back to the main facility. Meanwhile his daughter drives an ATV out to where he was shot and back between when he was shot and when he shows up later without even seeing him!

Speaking of that, she sees a dead body buried out by where he was shot, half un-buries it and then just assumes its her dad. So she turns around and goes back to the main facility.

The graves they dug for the victims at the beginning of the movie are about 8 inches deep.

A girl clearly deathly ill and about to die is spitting up dark green/black muck and another girl bends down to give her mouth to mouth.

The get ready and set everything up to amputate a guy's arm, but when it won't stop bleeding after they cut it off they run outside to get a first aid kit. Why wouldn't they have it already?

They finally figure out the muck filled woman was infected with a parasite and instead of sealing off that room, decide to wrap her up and drag her across the facility to a lab and seal her off there.

A video camera that has no tape upon first inspection later has a plot- crucial video that the main characters have to retrieve from the quarantine room.

And there are probably more I am forgetting.

The movie had some potential. The acting was bearable for the most part and the political commentary is easy to ignore. However, when a movie is full of dumb moments like these it turns into something you laugh at with friends rather than think about or event enjoy for the reasons the filmmaker intended.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 4 / 10

Ecological Terrorism

The famous and infamous ecologist Dr. David Krupien (Val Kilmer) is leading a research in the Arctic with his assistants Jane (Anne Marie Deluise) and Edward (John Callander) about the impact of the global warming in polar bears. Dr. Krupien's daughter Evelyn (Martha Macisaac) and the students Federico Fulce (Kyle Schmid), Ling Chen (Steph Song) and Atom Galen (Aaron Ashmore) are invited to join the expedition. However, Dr. Krupien and his team discover a deadly prehistoric parasite in a mammoth and Dr. Krupien asks the helicopter pilot Bart (Viv Leacock) to call off the travel of Evelyn and leave her in Dawson City, Yukon. However, the rebel Evelyn forces Bart to take her to the base station. Sooner the group finds Jane that is terminal and contaminated by the parasite, and they also discover that she had sabotaged the helicopter and shot Dr. Krupien and Edward. When they find that the bugs in the base are lethal, Evelyn and Atom decides to stay in quarantine to contain the contamination and call the CDC. However, Fed releases a distress signal, calls a helicopter and destroys the radio.

"The Thaw" is a film with elements of "The Thing" and "Whiteout" combined with ecological terrorism about the effects of the global warming. The problem is that the characters are unpleasant and do not create empathy with the viewer. The ultimate decision of the fanatic Dr. David Krupien is stupid; Federico is selfish; Evelyn is a rebel without a cause or leadership; Ling is not well developed; therefore, only Bart and Atom are nice. The conclusion is silly. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Contaminacao" ("Contamination")

Reviewed by equazcion ( 6 / 10

Mildly entertaining

The premise: A prehistoric bug is discovered in melting Arctic ice by a renowned global warming alarmist (Val Kilmer). The bug reproduces by infecting people. A small group of students attempt to contain the new infestation.

The Thaw offers more suspense than it does horror, though there are some jumpy and/or gory moments. The CGI bugs are just convincing enough, and the other effects are good. While the plot revolves largely around Kilmer's character, he doesn't get very much screen time. However the other actors were engaging enough that I didn't find myself missing him all that much.

The story starts with Kilmer and his team, beginning the movie's more mysterious element. It then switches to the students for their rather straightforward horror-genre struggle against the bugs. The Kilmer part of the story is revisited in the end, to wrap up the mystery with a twist. Having the mystery lingering in the background was a nice touch, as it added some extra intrigue to carry me through the movie.

Nothing to write home about, but competent film-making and moderate entertainment throughout. Has lots of blatant public-service messages about global warming, too, if you've got the stomach for that.

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