The World's End


Action / Comedy


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Simon Pegg as Gary King
Nick Frost as Andy Knightley
Martin Freeman as Oliver Chamberlain
Rosamund Pike as Sam Chamberlain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by homdeb1058 6 / 10

Wait, This Movie Had A Great Rating

I thought this movie was mediocre at best. I laughed out loud a few times--as did the rest of the audience, but other than that I found it boring and actually nodded off twice. One of the girls sitting in front of me stated, "well it wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't that good either", which I thought summed it up pretty well. The biggest shock was that it had a 7.9 IMDb rating which normally indicates a potentially "great" movie in any category--especially a comedy. (anything above a 7 tends to consistently be what I consider a GOOD movie).I give it a 5.5 or maybe 6. THere were several other movies in the same theater with lower IMDb ratings that, in retrospect, I wished I had spent my time and money on.

Reviewed by CSHaviland 6 / 10

Barely tolerable

Normally I really enjoy movies written by Simon Pegg. I especially liked Shaun of the Dead and Paul. This movie really stumbled.

Remember that scene in Shaun of the Dead in which they decide the best thing to do is head toward a pub and defend themselves from the zombie horde from there? This movie makes that idea its central theme, changing the zombies into some sort of alien robots, and multiplying the pubs. That's it.

Paul had me laughing out loud every minute or two, and I never get tired of watching it. The World's End gave me just a couple of chuckles throughout the film. And I almost nodded off several times.

The setup before the robots appeared was too long and tedious, and after the robots appeared I couldn't quite understand why our characters kept running from pub to pub. And worse, I didn't much care.

It just wasn't silly enough, witty enough, or clever enough to hold my attention.

Reviewed by the_bandersnatch 8 / 10

Funking Great

Saw it at a midnight premier last night (free Cornettos were given out!) and myself and the rest of the audience were laughing throughout, having a thoroughly enjoyable time. I thought it was great, definitely on a par with Hot Fuzz, though - to me - not quite as good as Shaun of the Dead, which is fair enough as it is one of my all-time favourites. It is definitely a worthy close to the "trilogy" though, and it stands up well against the other two.

Amongst the highlights were seeing another former Bond actor, even if it was in a small role, along with various other regulars from the past films and Spaced - Tyres, Julia Deaking (Marsha), Bill Nighy's voice, Mark Heap, et al.

With a plot as ludicrous as this one the film relies on the strength of it's leads to succeed, and they pull it off admirably. I liked that there was a role reversal of Pegg and Frost's usual character dynamic, with Frost especially noteworthy in his performance. The lads have clearly come a long way over the years. Pegg is clearly having a whale of a time, and carries us the audience along with him. Having such a talented group of back-up actors in Marsan, Considine and Freeman helps massively too.

I feel they missed a trick by not using the line "You've got blue on you", though.

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