To the Wonder


Drama / Romance


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Ben Affleck as Neil
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Javier Bardem as Father Quintana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john williams 1 / 10


I have always wondered about people who give one star reviews. Is it for the extra attention? Is it a joke? Can a movie really deserve one star?

Well finally I have seen a movie which simply does not permit me to give it any more than one star. A movie that has prompted me to create an IMDb account and write this review so that other cinema goers do not have to share the mind numbing agony of my experience.

My woes stem from the fact that "To the Wonder" seems to be an experiment into expressing nothing but the emotions of love and loss. Initially this seems a noble cause, but it comes at the expense of plot, dialogue and even character development. So if you sit through the first 30 minutes thinking "I wonder if anything is going to happen?", sadly the answer is "no".

There seems to be the assumption that an audience can share in the on screen emotion without ever being given access to the motivations and events which led to them. It is like watching The English Patient and trying to understand Ralph Fiennes' emotional turmoil without being shown the flashbacks of his life before hospital. So without any narrative or dialogue, the poor actors are left trying to convey their emotions by looking gloomy (as Ben Affleck does for the entire movie) or by performing pirouettes and looking wistfully into glinting autumn sunshine (for Olga Kurylenko).

If you are a huge fan of the back of Ben Affleck's head, you'll love this movie. For me the only enjoyment was in the irony that a film about emotion should be so emotionally uninvolving. That and the joy of seeing the end credits finally roll, upon which I punched the air and shouted "Yes!" This is something I have never felt the need to do before in a cinema, and it certainly surprised my wife (who looked mortified). I didn't care. This film marked a new found level of tedium, so extreme that it should probably be reserved for Guantanamo Bay. One star tedium? You bet.

Reviewed by Marcelo Perrucci 1 / 10

Whispers and pretty images DO NOT make a movie!!!

This is a great movie ..... FOR SELLING TVS!!! I cannot find any other good use for this excuse of a movie.

I'm not kidding, in a point of the film, they run out of landscapes footages and they throw some TURTLES at us! SERIOUSLY?!?! I mean, what does the poor turtle has to do with anything? I just hope the turtle's payment was at least as big as Ben's, because they get about the same number of lines. Or should I say whispers.

That's another thing in this movie that is incredibly annoying: there are no dialogues! Only some random whisperings.

The Tree of Life was bad, but To the Wonder takes it to a whole new level of badness!

Summary: "I love you." (silence) "Let's get married." (more silence) "I need a visa." (Guess what? More silence) Then she leaves. There is also a random priest going through some middle age crisis.

And they make it goes for 2 hours by adding a bunch of Nat Geo footages.

Just a final comment: PLEASE, IF YOU DIDN'T GET THE MOVIE, IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A GOOD OR A CULT MOVIE! I don't know how anyone can give this movie a 10. It's like "I've no idea what the movie was about, so it must have been good." or "if I say I didn't get it, people will think I dumb."

And I don't respect who give it a 5 by saying "the story deserves a 0, but it is so pretty that I will give it a 5". They are saying that no matter what you throw at then, if it is mixed with some 'LED TVs add material', it deserves at least 5.

Reviewed by laura_macleod 5 / 10

I'm giving it 5 for cinematography and 0 for story

A beautiful film if you judge it from the perspective of how it looks. But this guy Malik has lost the plot. The story could have been so interesting - but he made it banal and boring and silly. So much depth wasted. It is a story of love, a guy meets a pretty but emotionally loopy woman in Paris with a child, has a man/child love affair with her, brings her back to USA where her loopiness shows no outlet except prancing around on carpets and in fields and on beds. Guy gets fed up of her and off she goes back to Paris - but no friends back there and not surprising. Meanwhile, guy has an affair with an immensely interesting woman played by the lovely Rachel McAdams, and the complexity of this combined with the return of the loopy girl, is totally wasted, and I mean totally wasted. Malik thinks it is more meaningful to show turtles swimming under the sea than to explain the complexity of love and why the guy chooses the loopy girl over the beautiful childhood love of his life. Meanwhile loopy girl prances around being annoying and fights occur. We are also treated to a half blown performance from the excellent Bardem, and that could have been so interesting, but it is only inferred and his dilemma is never really delved into - because Malik is too busy preaching about the meaning of life and existentialism versus spirituality - obvious a place where he is stuck. The end of the film is laughable because we are left with a load of inferred imagery and we never really know what happened - except one thing for sure - that loopy girl is still prancing right to the end. Mr Malik, just for your information - people go to the cinema to get a story that is life enhancing and interesting. I've given you my last chance Mr Malik and I'm done. I think your films will be used in future for lessons in perfect cinematography, as long as the content of them is ignored.

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