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Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee
Fred Ward as Earl Bassett
Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck
Michael Gross as Burt Gummer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Infofreak 5 / 10

Surprisingly enjoyable good old fashioned monster movie!

On paper I would have expected 'Tremors' to suck - a low budget sci fi action comedy written by the 'Short Circuit' guys, and directed by a hack who went on to make 'City Slickers'. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it? But if you put your prejudices aside you'll find that this is a surprisingly enjoyable good old fashioned monster movie. There is humour here, sure, but thankfully the movie doesn't go for a camp, tongue in cheek parody style, something for me that almost never works. The movies real strength is the perfect casting of Kevin Bacon ('Diner') and Fred Ward ('Henry And June') as the small town handymen turned reluctant heroes. They are supported by the left field but inspired casting of 'Family Ties' Michael Gross and country singer Reba McEntire as a couple of gung ho survivalists. 'Tremors' succeeds in what it sets out to be, an exciting and wonderfully entertaining b-grade horror thriller. A lot of fun and highly recommended.

Reviewed by FairBear 8 / 10

Worms! Worms! Underground drag racing worms!

Loved the movie. How could you not? It has two lovably bumbling buddies, Val and Earl, played to perfection by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. It has a remarkably funny gun crazed survivalist couple played completely straight-faced by Michael Gross and Reba McEntire. It has a wonderfully batty bunch of "townsfolk," a winsome heroine and bad lot of underground drag racing worms looking to eat the characters mentioned above. The movie stands out from the "trapped and pursued" genre because it contains tongue-in-cheek humor, comedic escapes, inspired foreshadowing of doom and nutty monster mayhem. This is a delightful B monster movie that would best be watched with fellow funny movie buffs, popcorn and beer.

Reviewed by SpideyTerry 5 / 10

The best movie of 1990

Tremors is a flawless film. The story is original and entertaining. The actors make it all the more fun, especially Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Michael Gross. Tremors is the kind of movie that can't be placed in a certain genre. It's a little bit of everything; horror, comedy, action, adventure, etc. Don't miss this very good movie!

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