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Ryan Reynolds as Turbo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 (DarkVulcan29@aol.com) 8 / 10

Need for speed

A snail named Theo(voiced by Ryan Reynolds)loves to watch racing, and wishes he could race on the tracks, but his brother(voiced by Paul Giamatti) tells him that he is a snail, he was not meant to be fast, cause he is a snail. But one night Theo accidentally lands in a fast car, and gains the power of being as fast as the car. Now Theo has fun with this new found power, but how far will it take him?

a well made animated film, I mean it is no Wreck it Ralph, but still a fun movie. But it's not just a snail with super speed, but it's more of a ensemble, providing the voices Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Pena to name a few. They all really make this story quite a joy, and seem to be having a blast working on this film.

Reviewed by Charles_Hardy 9 / 10

A Bug's Life Version of Cars

Here it is, a snail receives super speed, hence the name of the film being "Turbo." What the film makes me think of when I see it is a combination of Disney's "A Bug's Life" and "Cars". It is a great movie to take the 4-9 year old kids to see.

As an adult, it is great to see Ryan Reynolds taking a voice-over part in a family friendly film. However, I could have lived to watch it without many of the other actors. Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson are in so many different films these days, their voices are tiring.

A nice change of pace for Dream Works after seeing three "Madagascar" films and four "Shrek" movies. I was Shrekked out! That's why I gave this fresh film from DW Pictures a 9/10.

Reviewed by Michael-96 5 / 10

A lot of (mostly) innocent fun

I was lucky to see Turbo at a preview today, and had a great time. I don't want to give anything away, but suffice to say that I greatly enjoyed the movie. The plot's cute, the characters amusing, and there are some hilarious one liners. (As well as a few somewhat more risque jokes for the adults, although they'll fly over most kids' heads.)

It's not going to rival Pixar at their best, but it's a lot of fun. I will say, though, that this isn't a film I'd bother with 3D for. It takes a back seat, and is little more than a gimmick. You won't be missing anything at all to watch in 2D.

But other than that, heartily recommended!

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